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2017 Kindness Challenge – Setting my Intentions

Recently I stumbled upon the 2017 Kindness Challenge. This is the second year that Niki from The Richness of a Simple Life is putting on this challenge and I felt like this was something that I just have to get on board with. The challenge goes for 7 weeks and is open to everyone from bloggers to those that just have social media pages. Anyone who is looking and is willing to spread more kindness throughout our world is welcome to join. Each week focuses on a different form of kindness: self love, self-compassion, self acceptance, kindness role model, choosing kindness, kindness without expectation, and grateful for kindness. If anyone would like to join the challenge with us click the picture below to go to her page to sign up.

Personally, I signed up for this challenge because as a mom I am always trying to show my little guy how to be the best person he can be and do the right thing. I know that he is always watching the things that I do and if I can make myself more aware of my actions and hold myself accountable, especially with all the different forms of kindness that we as people can bring to the world, I hope that this might help show him how to be more aware of being kind in our daily lives. As a society we are always in such a hurry and I feel like many of these small lessons are getting skipped over for our kids to learn. Especially since this is something that they learn from watching us lead by example. I hope that this helps me slow down enough to really teach him these important lessons.

Follow along with me on my journey through the Kindness Challenge! I hope we are all able to learn something throughout these next 7 weeks.

3 thoughts on “2017 Kindness Challenge – Setting my Intentions

  1. I love your intention! A lot of people found themselves practicing being in the moment as a result of participating in this challenge. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds for you! <3

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