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Adventures of a Toddler

This month Ray has been cutting his last two molars and let me tell you they are not coming in fast enough!!! I think I got about a week break between him getting his two bottom ones and then starting to cut his two top ones. And the kid is almost three now so we are definitely a little late in the teething department. Oh well right! Hopefully they will finally come in and I will have my pleasant little boy back.

The beginning of this month started out a little crazy with both of us getting sick and getting the flu. We had a nice long weekend away and then on the trip back I had to stop three times on the side of the freeway to try and clean up a sick little boy. It wouldn’t have been so bad but it was a five hour drive home. I am just thankful he slept the last two hours. One night after a couple days of being cooped up in the house he sat next to me on the couch and told me “its been a long day”. (You and me both there buddy, hahaha).

Ray also started tumbling class this month which is great because it gives us a little bit of a break from each other 45 minutes a week and he gets to run around and get some of his energy out. He loves it and has been doing somersaults around the house every day. What is really nice is that I found the classes at a family community center the little town over from us. It was way cheaper than taking him to an actual gymnastic center. Especially since he is so little, this way he gets to have some fun and get out of the house a little bit and it is not costing me an arm and a leg. Maybe when he is a little bit older and really likes it we will check into one of the gymnastic centers in the area.

Now that it is finally getting a little bit warmer we are able to get outside when it is not raining like cats and dogs. He is getting pretty good at riding his little tricycle around in our driveway. It is almost too small for him already. Considering the fact that someone got it for him for his first birthday (he was walking at eight and a half months and running when he was a year old) and now that he is finally riding it his knees are almost hitting the handle bars. But he loves it! He does keep asking me to get his 4 wheeler out. (We got him that for his 2nd birthday). The little stinker fully remembered that I told him he couldn’t ride it until the snow was all gone. However, the ground is still too wet for him to ride without sinking the thing into the mud. Try to explain that to a toddler that really wants to ride it and knows exactly where it is at! Distraction is the name of the game with this one. Hopefully it will buy me an extra month or at least until it warms up and is a bit drier.

He is OBSESSED with turtles. We have to watch turtle videos on YouTube. He has little plastic turtles that he plays with and if he sees anything with a turtle on it he has to have it. He is also OBSESSED with birds. We have to sit and watch the birds at our bird feeder and he has a bird book that he looks at all day long. Most of the time he is able to tell the birds apart and now that it is starting to warm up we are starting to see some new ones come to the feeder. He will sit and flip through the bird book until he finds the one that was out there and come and show me the new birds that we have. He is super obsessed with woodpeckers and hawks. He also keeps telling people that he wants a blue bird for his birthday.

Some of the things he has said and done this month that are too funny not to share:

  • “Me a strong man Momma”
  • “Not funny Momma”
  • “They’re annoying” (talking about some of the people I follow on snapchat and Instagram)
  • “You too funny!”
  • He is finally saying banana with the B included so it now sounds like but-nana.
  • A school bus is a but wheel
  • Will go crazy dancing when the song I Like to Move it, Move it by or Too Original by Major Lazer comes on. He asks for me to play them multiple times a day.

I love that each month he seems to change so much and now that he is finally talking more some of the stuff he tells me is hilarious. Sometimes I can’t even believe how he knows exactly what is going on and what everyone is talking about. We definitely have to make sure we are watching what we are saying around him now thats for sure! I thought it was bad last month but this month really got me because other people are really starting to understand what he is saying when he talks to them. And he is really making sure that we know that he has an opinion about everything that we say and do. Just yesterday morning he told me that he was not going to the store with me and that he was staying home. He told me that I needed to just go. Let me tell you there was definitely some struggle to get him into the car and make running our errands fun. I am so happy that I bought his two favorite songs on iTunes! Dance party in the car anyone?!

Stay tuned for our crazy adventures next month!

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