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April Showers and Springtime Fun

This month for adventures of a toddler, we have been busy trying to enjoy any warm weather that we have been having by spending as much time outside as possible on those days. We have played in the mud puddles, celebrated two peoples birthdays, and celebrated Easter all this month.

Ray continued with tumbling class all this month which he loved. I just never thought that I would hear myself say “Ok, this class, you are not allowed to chase the girls around and roar at them.” Some of the things that I have been finding myself saying to him just keep getting crazier and crazier! It is so funny to watch his reaction to some of the stuff I tell him and when he gets so excited about doing a good job. Like when he got done with his class and came running out to me saying “no roar mama!”

Now that we are able to get outside more, Ray is all about getting dirty. At the beginning of the month he was all about playing in mud puddles. When I looked up he was sitting right in the puddle! Boys will be boys right?! As it started to dry up around our yard we were able to find him a little shovel and rake. He had a plastic set last year but broke it by the end of the summer. The ones we found this year have a wooden handle and a metal shovel part which is a lot nicer. He has now taken it upon himself to dig holes in our driveway to see what he can find. It is an added bonus when daddy is out there helping him! Then for Easter his Uncle gave him some chalk so this past week we were busy making chalk masterpieces.

This past month I cannot believe how much he has been wanting to learn things. We are now in the stage of asking hundreds of questions wherever we go. He is also starting to remember the words to some of his books so now he reads to me. We have been working on counting the past couple of months and finally have got all the way up to thirteen. I have not been pushing him too much on learning the alphabet but he has naturally wanted to start learning it just this past month. Sometimes after I read him a sentence in a book he wants me to go back through and tell him what all the letters are. He keeps trying to take a pen or pencil and wants to write different letters. I am so impressed that he is trying and that he wants to learn so I am definitely using that to my advantage.

We are finally to the point where he really is starting to get excited about holidays as well. He was super excited about the Easter Bunny this year and then when he realized that he got candy too he couldn’t wait. We were super surprised at how good he is at finding eggs when we hide them. We were even hiding eggs for him a couple weeks after Easter too because he was having so much fun with it. I definitely recommend doing this when you have to spend some time inside (cold and rainy days) because it can keep them entertained for a while! We were able to dye eggs this year too and as an added bonus he loves eating hard boiled eggs. (For being a picky eater this was a shock to me). Overall it was great seeing family and spending a nice day together.

Stay tuned to more crazy things next month. Who knows what we will be up to by then!

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