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Adventures of a Toddler

This month in adventures of a toddler have been very interesting to say the least. Not only has little man started to really refuse to take a nap which has been not only testing my patience but also messing up my afternoon break to get some of my stuff done. And let me tell you that not napping makes for a very cranky and naughty child by bed time.

He is now starting to really talk to himself more and more and more. It is fun to just sit and listen to him babble away. Sometimes I can figure out what he is saying other times only he knows exactly what he is saying. He has also been coming up with some elaborate stories such as telling me that grandma drew on his cheek with a pink marker. The craziest part is that he is sticking to that story no matter what!

We are also heading into the time where we cannot say whatever we want around him because he is telling anyone that will listen what he has heard. We have to start working on how to keep a secret every since grandma’s birthday this month. We had to go shopping for my mom’s birthday present and Ray was so set on getting her a bird for her birthday (I know, right?!) Well I finally talked him into maybe just getting her a necklace with a bird on it to give her. Two days after we pick out a nice necklace he decided to tell her exactly what we got for her. Now I am not going to be able to pick up any gifts for him anymore when he is with me because he will definitely remember.

We are also finding out that when he gets obsessed with a topic or an item that it will be suck with us for a while. He is still going on and on about Santa and Christmas. And since we have had snow he loves everything to do with snowmen. And as we all know, toddlers are obsessed with Frozen which I thought that we were going to be able to escape that one but boy was I wrong! Between that movie, The Lion King, and the movie Barnyard we definitely have some interesting choices

We are definitely learning as we go but some of these funny moments never cease to amaze me. Let me know what crazy things your kids do!

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