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Back In the Grind, Finding Your Motivation

Getting back into the swing of things especially in the gym is something that can be very hard to do. For me I have been out of the swing of things for the past two years. Granted in those two years I got pregnant and had a baby. I used to be a bikini competitor and right before I stopped I was training with one of the largest teams in the bikini division for the NPC and IFBB. However, I got really sick and then we decided it was time to try and start a family. Back in those days I was training two times a day for three hours total. I was also doing some other crazy stuff and being very unhealthy. Now when I look back I can see that if you have an obsessive personality that stuff like that can make you spiral out of control extremely fast. Luckily I stopped when I did.

When I quite training I figured I would go back to working out after the baby was born. Now he is 18 months old and I finally kicked my butt back into gear. I am trying to be very careful about falling back into an obsession though. For me being able to keep this up and really try to stay healthy is going to take some major motivation. I don’t have those competitions coming up to help with that anymore. I am finding out though that if you want something to stick with you and you really want to change your life for the better you have to come up with your own motivation.

You can look all you want at other people’s forms of motivation or read tips on how to stay motivated, but if it doesn’t reach you on a personal level then it is not going to stick. I tried for a while looking on pinterest and following all sorts of fitspo people and sites. It didn’t work. For me in order to stay motivated you need to really think about what you want.

Some things that might help make you motivated:
– think about what you want to look like or where you want to be in terms of fitness in the next year and the next five years.
– think about the family and friends that you want to be there for and see them grow and change.
– think about the people that you inspire when you are eating healthyEdit and working out
– think about the people that haven’t seen you in a while and you want to stick it to them and make the jealous with how amazing you look and feel
– think about teaching your children ways to eat healthy and workout. Lead by example (they are watching everything you do)
– think about wanting to have more energy for your kids and being a better person because of it
– maybe you need some “me” time to just not talk to anyone and just lift heavy things and run until you feel like your lungs are going to burst
– maybe you want to finally be the most fit person that is in your gym

Now I know that some of these things are VERY vain but sometimes deep down that is what is going to work. I hate to say it but if you try to censor yourself with something like this for the most part it is not going to stick. How do you think all of these bikini and bodybuilding competitors work so hard and achieve so much? Most of them have a vain reason as to why they keep up with everything. If they tell you it is for a competition remember most of the time those competitions are based on how you look and how you compare to other people. (If that is not vain I don’t know what is).

I’m not saying that working out doesn’t give you good endorphins and makes you feel better. I am just saying that those days when you really do not feel like getting up and doing what you need to do having that motivation in the back of your mind is what is going to keep you going and striving to reach that end goal.

For me I know what I want to look like in the next couple of years. I have also figured out that I need my own “me” time to just lift heavy things. Now that I have a son that is extremely active I want to be able to keep up with him and have the energy to show him how to be healthy and do things to keep your body strong.

What are some of your motivations for sticking with it this year? If you haven’t thought about working out in this way or you have been censoring yourself I urge you to try and really be truthful with yourself and find that motivation!!!

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