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Check In

As this month continues I have already found myself straying away from my goals. I have, however, started to really get with the program of organizing things. It is just so overwhelming though because I only have so much time in a day and I am trying to get a lot done. This in turn has made the getting more sleep and getting more exercise goals kind of fall to the wayside. I am hoping now that I have gotten some of the major things done it won’t be as bad.

First and foremost I needed to organize my closet. We moved into our house in May of 2014 and I was pregnant. Everything that got put into my closet were maternity clothes and anything else that I thought I might wear after I was pregnant. Fast forward a year and a half and I still had all of those things in there. I was to the point where I had stacks of stuff on the floor that my sister had given to me (she cleaned out her closet a couple of months ago). Now it is back to being nice and neat and in order. I will be posting pictures and stuff about the process and tips on how to organize it later.

My biggest problem when I start to try and get rid of clutter is that I am an organized hoarder. I have so much sentimental value placed on everything that it is hard for me to get rid of much or it takes me forever since I try to just keep everything and organize it better so that it doesn’t look like so much. Yikes!!! I am so bad that I have clothes and stuff from 8th grade that I finally got rid of!!! For me it is best if I am in a mood to get rid of stuff and throw things out.

So now that I have started number 3 on my January Goals list I think I might be able to get back at trying to get more sleep and exercise more. Lately I have been trying to come up with something good to motivate myself. I know that most of us have issues trying to stick with working out. Before I used my bikini competitions as my motivation. Now that I am not doing those it is getting harder and harder to come up with something especially when I have so much going on. (My hubby works for the railroad so sometimes everything has to fall on my shoulders to keep things running smoothly at home).

Even though we decided to start trying for another baby I feel that I need to get back to being strong again and do my best to take care of myself now and throughout another pregnancy. I have to start remembering that my little man is always watching everything that I am doing and I need to start setting a good example for him. Sometimes it takes realizing this to really kick your motivation into gear. Figuring out what motivates you can be challenging but hopefully once you figure it out then you will stick with it!!!

Well, that is enough for an update on everything. Hopefully you all are sticking with your goals as well. I hope my check in will inspire you to check in with yourself and keep going as well.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing! It’s great that you are taking active steps to achieve your goals. I’m the same for keeping things for sentimental value. I feel like in a sense keeping that stuff lets me relive those memories. But what I’ve recently found helpful is reminding myself that those were great memories but not to get caught up in the past and look forward to making new amazing memories. Then I take pictures and throw them out. The things that really mean a lot to me a will keep. All the best to you this new year, hope 2016 is incredible!!

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