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Don’t Let Holiday Stress Turn You Into The Grinch

We all know that the Holiday Seasons can be full of stress. Even though we are supposed to make it a wonderful time of the year, more and more it can seem as though we have to live up to all sorts of standards. Not only do we now have to make all of our food from scratch but we have to make sure that our kids are getting the Christmas presents they have said they want. We have to make sure that we look amazing while eating super healthy even though the stress makes us want to eat the junk.

I know for me I am guilty of thinking that I have to do it all. That I have to have it all together and make sure that everything is perfect. But in reality, is it really going to make a lot of difference if I do not bake all eight different types of Christmas cookies or if I just make four different types. I keep finding myself thinking that maybe less is more.

Maybe making sure I am getting the essentials done and focus spending more of my time just enjoying the season. Enjoy snuggling and watching Christmas movies on a snowy afternoon. Enjoy spending the day shopping for other people but not stress out about picking the exact perfect gift. Enjoy spending some time visiting your neighbors when delivering the plate of cookies you made with your kids.

Being able to organize your days and not let yourself get too much on your plate will help keep your stress down. This year I have done a few things that have been helping.

Daily Schedules

Making sure you are able to keep a calendar and have a short to do list of things you have to get done for sure each day. I always like to make sure that I have a simple to do list. Do not just write things down to fill your list. If you have certain things that have to get done make sure to get them crossed off your list.

Also keeping a calendar will help to make sure you do not miss any appointments or holiday get togethers. Never stress out about forgetting a gift for a party or not getting somewhere on time.

Scale Back on Some Things You Love to Do

For me I love to back cookies around the holidays. However, when I thought that I had to make a crazy amount it had me more stressed and wasn’t fun to do any more. Once I decided to make just the ones I love I was less stressed. If I have extra time in the coming week then I can make some other kinds that I have on my list.

It is not so much as not doing what you love to do but just scaling it back a bit so it is a little more manageable and a little more fun. The task seems less daunting. I have also found that I am not trying to hurry us along when Ray wants to help out with some of the baking as well. We are able to have some fun and create some great memories as well.

Have One Night With No Holiday Stuff

Make sure to prioritize one night of each week where you do not have to do any holiday or Christmas stuff. Don’t worry about the baking, the wrapping, or the gifts. Let yourself completely stop thinking about it (unless of course you want to watch a Christmas movie). Making sure you have a little time to sit and do something you want to do and not have some crazy responsibilities is really good for you.

In the end it might even help you get more stuff done. When we let our bodies and minds reset it can actually help us be more productive. I know that my brain definitely needs one night off each week. One night to not worry about all the things that still need done.

Create One Big Master List

I know for some people this might not work because it would be way too overwhelming. However, for me I like having one list instead of five different little ones. It helps me to really see the big picture and to work my way through the list. I always create my daily schedule from my master list. This way I can break up the list day by day. That really helps to keep it from being too overwhelming. I always keep my master list tucked into my daily planner. This way I will always know where it is at and I never misplace it.

Keep up with Your Workouts

Even if you are not able to keep up with your entire workout. At least try to scale it back a little but keep doing them. Instead of five days at the gym go only two or three days. Something is better than nothing right! And it will help to keep your stress levels down as well.

Overall Christmas and the holidays can be some stressful times. It is important to remember that even though it is stressful there are some small things that can help to make the big things not seem so overwhelming. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself and that you are taking time to remember what this season is really about can help you to have a really Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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