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Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers

As we all know it is hard to shop for the perfect gift for toddlers. Especially around Christmas time. I know that we are at the point where our little guy has so many toys (he is only 3) that when we are trying to come up with something to get him we are a lot more selective in what we get. He does not need things that are just going to get put in a toy box and not get played with. We do try to ask him to see if there is anything that he really wants. However, he is still at the age where he is not too sure and it seems to change daily. Here are some ideas for those of you that are stumped on what to get but want something that will get used.

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On

This is a gift that would be super fun for them to play with especially if you have enough room in your house. This is something that would also be fun to take outside in the summer as well.

Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper

This would be great for that kid who has a lot of energy. I know during the winder months we are always looking for ways to get Rays energy out. This would be something that he could do and have a lot of fun with. It would get him up and get him moving especially when we are stuck in the house all day.


Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Another thing that will help them get some energy out when they are cooped up inside all winter. (Can you tell that is the name of the game for our toddler at least!) Something like this would be great if you have a couple of kids so they are able to play around and have some fun. Make sure you have enough room for something like this though.

For a less expensive version check out theĀ Fisher Price Bouncetastic Inflatable Castle Bouncer With Removable Mesh Walls


Fish Tank Aquarium Starter Kit – Includes Everything You Need To Build Your Aquarium

This is something we have been thinking about getting for a while now. Instead of a dog we figured that maybe a fish would be a good way to start teaching Ray some responsibility. It will be fun for him to help with setting it up and watching the fish swim around. If you are wanting to get your kids a pet but not have to deal with a cat or a dog this would be a great option.

Magnet Building Tiles

These are great for getting them to start building and thinking about things. Ray has some and loves them. (As parents we also have fun playing around with these with him.) This is a great set to start with.

Chutes and Ladders Game

Any sort of board game would be great for toddlers. It will help them learn how to take turns, sit still and listen to directions. We have been playing little card games with Ray (like go fish) the past couple of months. Now we really want to get him some sort of board game to play with.




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