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Cleaning With a Toddler

No one ever tells you what it is like when you have a toddler how hard it can be to keep a clean house. Not only are there usually toys everywhere but the minute you leave one room they decided to go in and rip it apart again. And if it is not toys it is crumbs everywhere. I was always used to using one day to clean our place. I would always take a couple of hours and really get it back in order. Now, however, I am realizing that it is a constant thing to do. I am somewhat lucky to have a little guy that likes to try and help. Sometimes I can make picking up his toys a game. Other times he wants to be just like mommy and help me dust and vacuum. (This usually makes my 20 minute quick clean of the house take closer to an hour) I figure having him help me is also a good thing because we are spending time together and he is starting to learn the importance of picking things up and helping keep things clean.

Some tricks that I have learned:
– Give them a dust rag, pretend to put some spray on it and let them help you dust- Have them move the chairs from around the table so you can vacuum (This one is a new one for my little guy, such a big help!!!)
– Have them help you pick up all of their toys except for one. That is the one they can play with while you are vacuuming. Ray always picks some sort of truck that he drives around me while I am finishing up.
– Have them help you with making your bed. Ray loves tossing the throw pillows up on the bed for me.

8-17-15 A

Whenever I am cleaning up I am always encouraging him to help me since I am not able to give him my full attention right at that moment. We also work on our manners by saying please and thank you. He really loves it when he is helping mommy. I am really trying to start teaching him things even though sometimes he may be a bit young to help with a lot of what I am doing. He is realizing now that there are times when we can play and there are times when we all have to pitch in and help because it is not fair for mommy to pick up after everyone.

*** One thing I always make sure of is to keep any sort of chemicals away from him just in case he decides to test out what it is with his mouth. I also keep things like cleaning the bathroom and stuff until after he goes to bed so there isn’t any chance of something happening.

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