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Closet Finds: Shopping Your OWN Closet

If you are anything like me you tend to wear the same stuff over and over again even though you have a whole closet full of clothes. Especially after having a baby. You spend close to nine months wearing clothes that will fit your changing body and after you have the baby usually the main concern is what fits and what do you actually feel good wearing. So that whole closet of pre baby clothes just sits there collecting dust.

After a while going through those clothes is inevitable but there are some things you cannot part with and then they just sit there. I have recently started to really look more into my closet and realized that I actually do have a ton of clothes. Maybe some of them don’t fit but most of them do and I just have to find a new way to style them or wear them since the style of clothes has changed so much since I bought them. I am finding that I am wearing some of the shirts that I got that just seemed too big and baggy a while ago but I just couldn’t part with them now. Now I am able to tie the bottom up and wear a bralette underneath and the look is great.

Another thing that I have had in my closet that I am now getting back into wearing are all of my heels. Like most women I was a sucker for a good pair of heels and used to wear them all the time before I had kids. Now that my little guy is getting a bit older I am starting to dig back into my shoe collection and there are tons that I have forgot about.

Overall, it is like I am going shopping in my own closet whenever I am trying to look for something. The past month we have had weddings to go to and I am now discovering all of my great dresses that had been forgotten and my great shoes. Also if you are someone like my sister that loves to go bargain shopping for clothes she has a closet that is bursting at the seams. I have challenged her to go through her closet and see what all she actually has that she has forgotten about.

Now, take that time and start digging through all of your own forgotten finds!

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