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Coloring for Fun and Skills

As we all know, in the winter months sometimes it is hard to take our little ones outside to run around, play in the dirty and have a good time. That is why having good indoor activities is something that is extremely important to do with toddlers. As a stay at home mom I have been trying to figure out different activities that Ray and I can do inside that will help keep his interest as well as foster some fine motor skills. Luckily my little guy loves to sit and color for a bit and now that he his older I have been able to bring out my own adult coloring book and do it with him.

For kids, coloring not only helps with fine motor skills, it also helps them learn their colors. We play games sometimes where we lay out all of his crayons and I will tell him what color he should use on his picture. It makes coloring fun for him because it turns it more into a game instead of just laying there trying to keep his attention on what he is doing. My little guy tends to be so active that anytime we are able to work on keeping his attention on one activity for a little bit is a good thing. He is learning how to sit still and focus which will definitely help him once he gets into school. It has also seemed to help him while sitting at the dinner table too. (Just some food for thought of some of you are having trouble  in that area). 

I am learning that doing things like coloring is helping in all sorts of areas other than just being creative. Which is a very good thing! Coloring is also very inexpensive too. You can get coloring books and crayons at your local dollar store and just set them up to have some fun. I found a great little container made by Crayola at Target to hold all of his crayons and most of the coloring books he has have been given to him as gifts. Sometime when we want to color things that pertain to that season I am able to get free print outs as well. Sites like have some great print outs for all kinds of things including all holidays and even Disney characters.

So even though you can get outside there are still some fun and inexpensive things you can do with a toddler. It is a perfect quite time activity or even helps keep them busy when you are cooking dinner. Just set them up where you are getting stuff together and talk with them while you cook!! Along with the added bonus of very little mess you can’t go wrong!

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