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Date Night Ideas

In a world where we are always so busy doing so many things for ourselves we need to remember that sometimes we have to make date nights with our significant others a priority. A lot of times things can get crazy and we lose sight of how to really connect with each other through the hustle and bustle or every day life. This is why my husband and I have been trying to have at least one date night a month. Now, date night does not have to mean going out and doing stuff. It is possible to have a date night at home. Especially when you have little ones or are on a strict budget.

Here are some great date night/ date day ideas if you need a little inspiration on things to do when you want to go out.

  • Dinner & a Movie: This is your typical date night but you can always mix it up a bit. Instead of dinner in the summer, go to a little outdoor ice cream place and have ice cream for dinner! I know that now that we have Ray it is hard for us to go out and do stuff like this. We used to go to the movies a lot whenever something good came out but now when we go it is a pretty special occasion.
  • Bowling: Get a sitter and go out for glow bowling. Sometimes getting a little competitive with each other is a good thing. Just make sure to be good sport about it when you win.
  • Putt Putt Golf: Get a little silly and do something that you normally never do. If you want put a little wager on the game so the winner gets to have a little fun. Sometimes it is fun to do something where you get to just let loose and act like kids again.

If you are unable to go out and about here are some at home ideas for your next stay at home date night.

  • Dinner after the kids go to bed: Make a really nice dinner that you have been wanting to try and something the kids probably wouldn’t eat. Cook it together and eat by candle light. Do research on the best type of wine to pair with your entree. Sometimes it is just the little things and the peacefulness of the two of you being together without having to get after the kids every couple minutes that makes it really special.
  • Picnic dinner on the porch: In the summer, eat dinner out on the porch by candle light. Don’t forget the wine. Just enjoy each others company, leave your cell phones inside, and listen to the sounds around you. Slowing down is the name of the game and really being present in the moment with each other.
  • Do a puzzle: Work together and do a puzzle together. Don’t turn the tv on when you do it either. Try downloading some music that you used to listen to all the time when you first met and reminisce about the “crazy” times you used to have before you had little ones and had to be adults.
  • Play cards or board games: Sometimes it is nice to have a little competition with each other. Just don’t play like siblings (I know some people can get pretty competitive and get mad enough to flip the board over.) This is supposed to be light hearted and fun. If you don’t get too caught up in winning and it will turn out great. If you need to, make it a couples game night and invite some of your friends over to have some fun.
  • Netflix binge: Binge watch a show that you have been wanting to watch on Netflix. Or if there is a new new movie sequel coming out get it but watch all the movies prior to the newest one first. Added bonus if you can get the in-laws to watch the kids for a day so you can stay in bed and watch them just like you did when you were in college.

Over all the key is to put away your phones and really just try to focus on each other. Sometimes it has been so long since you have connected that there is a lot going on in each others lives that you don’t really know about. Even if you see each other every day.

I would love to hear some of your unique date night ideas as well.

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