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Do You Self Care?

For those of you that don’t know yet, I have recently become a stay at home mom. While I love it I was not super prepared for all of it and these past two weeks have been an eye opener. Add onto that a toddler that is fully into his terrible twos and teething (Those darn two year molars) and by the end of the day I feel like I am losing my mind! Now, while I was working it did not seem so bad but I was also getting burnt out and I never really thought about doing something for myself just once a week. I know that most of the women that I follow on social media are always talking about doing something call self care. I never really gave it any thought until I am spending most of my days at home. Before I always had a reason to look nice and feel good about myself because I did have to be seen in public and look somewhat like the manager that I was. Now, however, there is not so much need for that but I am realizing that I need to pamper myself just a little bit. And self care time seems like the perfect way to do this. (Especially when I really haven’t done any sort of pampering on myself in about 2 years other than our anniversary weekend.)

Now with this new found idea I have come up with a list of self care ideas that I would love to spend some time doing. I have even penciled them into my calendar so that they are on my schedule. (Some of it seems kind of sad like paint my nails but those of you who have kids know how hard that can be sometimes.)

Here are some ideas
At home facial or going to get a facial from a spa. I personally am not able to spend too much money on this, however, there are some great pinterest diy face masks that I have found or for me I just pick up some fun ones that I really have wanted to try from the store.
Paint my nails and give myself a pedicure. If you have the time and the money then go get one and treat yourself. Or even make it part of a girls day and have some fun. For me at least for this crazy month it will be done myself at home probably watching a Christmas movie.
– Deep conditioning hair treatment. Again there are lots of diy treatments that you can find online or just pick up one at the store. Put it in your hair and watch a good movie that the kids are not allowed to watch or read a good book.
– Do a yoga dvd or go to a yoga class. This is definitely one that will help with any crazy stress that you are dealing with. It will also help you get a good workout in while doing something relaxing.
Take a nap. It is ok to just feel like you want to take a nap when your little ones are napping. Normally I have a huge list of stuff that I have to get done when my little guy is napping but for this one day I am going to give myself permission to just lay down, unplug and take a nap. And if you have it penciled into your calendar then you can make sure to get the things done before this date. Think of it like an appointment where you have to go and lay down for a bit.
Read a book just for fun. You know that book that you have been wanting to read but you just never have time for. That is the one that you get to finally indulge in. 
Spend time coloring in an adult coloring book. This one for me is very relaxing. I usually do it when my husband and I want to just hang out for the night and watch some TV before bed (usually on the weekends). It allows my brain to stop thinking about everything and I keep my hands busy so I am not reaching for stuff to mindlessly munch on. I know I really need to schedule time to do this because I’ve had my coloring book since last Christmas and have only colored 8 pages. 
– Write in a journal. If you are able to allow yourself to just write and not sensor yourself this is sometimes such a great release. I have found that when I actually take the time to get out everything that has been tossing and turning in my head I usually come up with some solutions to the things that I have felt stuck on. The trick is to not sensor yourself no matter how stupid you feel when doing it and allow yourself ample time where you are not going to get interrupted. 
Curl up with your kids, hubby, etc and watch movies all day. This one is a whole day of self care. You know those days when you just feel tired and run down. Most of us reserve something like this for those days when either ourselves or our kids are sick. But that is not very fun is it. You know those days when the weather is just awful and you don’t want to do anything. Do this and the memories you make by having a picnic in the living room while eating pizza and ice cream will be memories that last forever. I know when it was just me and my husband we would do that sometimes (especially when we were in college after exam week) and I have missed those time recently. But then I thought why not make it a family thing right!

Now you will not do all of these things in one month, maybe not even in two months. The main thing is to just really be conscious about it and pick maybe one day a week to just do something for yourself. I know that I am definitely going to work hard to make this happen once a week. And keep your eyes posted for another products I love post with some of the products I have found for my self care days. Also be on the look out for a list of good books for the new year to add to your collections.

If anyone else has any ideas for self care or if this is something you do on a regular basis I would love to hear from you!!!

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