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Embrace the Moments

I was thinking today as I lay on the couch with little man fast asleep on me that I cannot believe he is almost 17 months old already. I cannot believe how time goes by so fast and then I could not remember the last time he actually took a nap like this on me. I do remember those days where he would only take a nap while laying on either me or my hubby. But those days (until today) seem long gone. He is such a mover that sitting just to cuddle for a moment usually never happens. When that was the only way he would nap I remember thinking “why can’t he just nap in his crib so I can get some stuff done!!” I am finally realizing now that I need to just enjoy these little moments even though they seem like little annoyances sometimes when you are in the moment. Because you never know when those moments are going to end and you will be wishing to have them back. I am always so afraid that I am not taking everything in or I am not a good enough mother or that I am not doing things right (by making him take his nap in his crib) that I don’t enjoy the moment that I am living right then.

So today I stopped thinking about everything I needed to do and everything that I should be doing and I laid on the couch with my little man because for some reason he needed to just be with me. Just lay there with me and feel my warmth and listen to my heartbeat and take his nap. As he slept I made sure to treasure the moment and be present in the moment. Sometimes that is all you need to be truly happy and gain some perspective on what is going on in your life. In those couple hours, nothing else mattered. And that peacefulness is something I hope all mothers are able to feel if we could all just get out of our own heads sometimes and just do what feels right for ourselves and our children. Eventually they will not need you as much and you may not see them as much as you would like. Take this time to be what they need and just embrace these moments before they are gone.


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