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Facing My Fashion Fears: 3 Styles I Now Love To Wear

When I hear about this concept initially I began thinking about all the things that I used to wear and how I was not afraid to wear pretty much anything. Fast forward to 10 years later as a mom with a toddler and I have found myself wearing the same types of things day in and day out.

Facing your fashion fears is a concept that Dia & Co has come up with. Dia & Co is a company that deals exclusively with sizes 14 and up. This is a company that offers a box of clothes specially picked for you by their stylists for sizes 14+. The stylists are able to pay attention to your shape, style and budget to bring you the best clothes that you will love. I love that this company is all about expressing who you are, having some fun with you style, and defining your own rules on what you can wear. The concept and initiative of facing your fashion fears is amazing to me and I love every part about it.

For me there are definitely things that I have seen that are currently “on trend”, however I do not feel as though I am able to pull it off. After thinking about this initiative I decided to face these fears head on and try to wear some of the trends that scare me. I really wanted to pick things that I was unsure of but also things that I could wear on a daily basis if I were to discover that I loved these styles.

Style #1: The Choker Sweater

I keep seeing women wear these types of sweaters and I love the way they look. However, I have been super hesitant to wear one myself. I decided one day when I was out shopping that I would buy one and try to wear it out and about. I was hoping that I wasn’t going to feel too awkward wearing it and that it wasn’t going to look awful. After I got it home, my husband saw me try it on and asked me where the rest of my shirt was.

I feel like this is a lot of the reason as women we tend to not try new things. Sometimes the people close to us make comments that don’t mean anything to them really but they stick with us and make us fearful of what other people who see you will think. I decided to not let his comment get to me. I loved the shirt and the color. And ultimately I was the one wearing it not him.

After wearing this shirt once I fell in love with this style. It is so easy to wear. As a mom I love it when I can just throw something on and have it look like I put a lot of thought and effort into what I am wearing. I also love that I am not uncomfortable in it at all. I do not feel like I have to pull it down constantly or make sure I am not falling out of it. This was definitely a win in my book and I have now wore it on more than one occasion.

Style #2: The Shoulder Cut Out

Another style that I know I would get comments about from my family. I bought a couple of shirts over the summer and have had them hanging in my closet with the hopes of having enough courage to wear them. I took the plunge this past month and tried to really get into the whole bohemian vibe. I love the way they are somewhat sexy without showing off too much. I know that some people just don’t like this style but I am really starting to love it!

This is also a great style if you are a mom. Being able to chase after my little one and pick him up is something that I never thought I would think about when getting dressed. However, after having a little one it is definitely something that is in the back of my mind when I am getting dressed. This style is amazing and I am able to wear it and look like I am dressed up a bit.

I was super nervous to wear this the first time but I have really found that I love this style. It is easy comfort and perfectly on trend at the moment. The first shirt that I got with the cut out shoulders is also very sheer which also made me kind of nervous. I have worn this shirt many times now and I still love it and feel comfortable in it. The second shirt I got is more of a cardigan with the shoulders cut out. I wore this at Thanksgiving. I felt super comfortable while still looking dressed up. Definitely a great find!


Style #3: Tall Dress Boots

I have owned a pair of these boots for year and I used to wear them. After I had my son I have completely stopped wearing boots like these. I know that I am afraid that because I am a mom people will think that I shouldn’t be wearing boots like that. I also know that it is way easier to chase after a toddler while wearing flats.

Now that my little guy is getting older I feel like I need to pull mine out from the back of my closet and start wearing them again. During the winter months these were some of my favorite types of boots to wear. As a fashion student I always like to dress up and the boots always made the outfit.

I am definitely going to revisit this fear hopefully this weekend and really just wear them no matter what someone might think!



I have learned after really fighting my fears of wearing different things is that as long as you feel good in what you are wearing it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. A lot of times those fears are in your head. Most of the time people do not see what you are wearing but the confidence you have in yourself.

What are some of your fashion fears that you are going to try to conquer?


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