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Fall Canvas Wall Art DIY

I have been trying to figure out some sort of painting or mirror to put up on one of my walls in my living room for a while now. Seeing all the seasonal decor I decided to create a fall leaf canvas.

I wanted to stay on a budge and using things that I already have on hand is something I love doing. Last year, I was working on some Christmas projects and bought the wrong size canvas. It has been sitting in our basement and turns out that it is the perfect size for the space that I have.

First, I print out some pictures of leaves that I like that were simple and reminded me of fall. All I did was google fall leaves and got a few images really easily. After printing the leaves cut them out so you have a pattern to trace.

Canvas and Leaves

After cutting out the leaves, lay them out on your canvas and trace them however you want. I liked the look of leaves falling so I spread them out a bit. Making them look a little more scattered over the canvas.

After that I used elmers glue and traced my leaves. As the glue dries it tends to flatten out. If you want more of a bead of glue I would suggest using a glue gun. Make sure that here are no bubbles in the glue when you are all done.

tracing leaves

glue on canvas up close

Once the glue dries then the fun starts and you get to paint. I started out painting the whole canvas orange to give me a good base color. Then add and blend in other the other colors all over the canvas.

painted leaf canvas

For the paint I used orange, red, light brown, and little touches of gold acrylic craft paint. I do not have a preference to any brand of paint that I use. For a project like this use whatever you can find that is reasonably priced. I also love using an artist painters palette flat palettes that don’t have any wells tend to make it much easier to mix colors.

Overall the final product turned out great and is a perfect addition to my fall decor.

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