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Fall Cleaning For a No Stress Holiday Season

I know that everyone is all about spring cleaning but I am finding myself this year trying to get everything put back together after our crazy summer and have decided to do some fall cleaning in preperation for the holidays.

As we all know, once fall hits and the weather gets cooler we start to spend a little more time inside instead of outside. This year I have noticed that my husbands allergies have already started to get worse now that we have turned the heat on in our house as well.

If you think about it, everything in the house has been sitting for the past few months and has started to collect some dust. This is the perfect time to be able to get everything cleaned back up and put back together in order to prep for the holidays. I figure if I get a good through cleaning done now I won’t have to do anything major cleaning wise when I am in the mist of Christmas shopping, wrapping and baking.

This year I have begun to figure out what all I need to do in order to make sure that I am getting everything done in a timely manner. With a toddler in my house I have to spread some things out and I am not able to do them all in one day. (Unless I get a babysitter for the day). However, I am not on much of a time crunch this year so it really doesn’t matter that much right now.

Overall my fall cleaning is more about making sure everything is getting switched over and that major areas that have been negleted throughout the spring and summer are getting looked at and wipped down.

My number one thing for fall cleaning is making sure to change the filter in the furnace. Making sure that we have a clean filter is a must so that our furnace runs more efficiently as well as helping to keep dust at a minumum which in turns helps out our allergies.

Along with keeping dust down I also make sure to dust anything that is up higher than I normally reach when dusting on a regular basis. Things such as fan blades and light fixtures. Making sure all light fixtures are clean will help keep your house brighter now that it is getting dark earlier and we tend to turn on the lights more.

After I do all of the dusting and such, I start to get into things that really need done but I usually say that I never have time to do them. Things such as cleaning out the refridgerator and wiping the whole thing down. (This will make you feel much better when the holidays come around and people are getting in and out it.) I also pull all glasses out of my china cabinet and wash them all. Even though they are in a cabinet they still get a little layer of dust on them and you do not want to pull out a glass that you have to wash in front of your guest before you can even use it!


Other than that I usually give things a once over. I make sure to switch out all of our shoes in our entry closet and our closet in our garage. Put away anything that is for summer, doesn’t fit or needs to be replaced in the spring. Go through hats and gloves to make sure we are ready for when that really cold weather hits us. This also helps me to know what I might need to start looking for before it is too late or the stores are sold out.

Being as prepared as possible heading into winter and the holidays seems to really relieve some of the stress from the holidays themselves. This way if you are the host there is no rushing around trying to get everything ready for the party while also cleaning away because things haven’t been touched all year.

I hope this inspires you to start to think about how to have a more stressfree holiday season! Please give this post a share.

You can also check out my spring cleaning checklist for a more detailed clean.

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