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Simple and Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers to Beat Cabin Fever

If you have young kids and it is too cold to go outside finding fun things to do is a must. I know when we stay inside for too long with out new things to do we go stir crazy. Throughout these past couple years I have come up with some fun things to do that spice up our days. Make sure not try to do these things every day.

I suggest planning a couple new things each week. Do not worry about doing the same thing a few weeks apart. The key to keep yourself from going crazy when you are stuck inside is mixing it up just a little. I always like to only plan a few things that I for sure want to do each week. Here are some of the things I love to do or some things that I still want to do this winter.

Bring the Snow Inside

Scoop up some snow from outside when it is too cold to go out to play and bring it inside. A great way to do this to make sure you do not have water all over is to bring in the kiddy pool from the summer and let them play. Sand toys are great toys to use when playing in the snow. You could also let them play with the snow in the bathtub as well. The trick is to contain the water while letting them to have fun.

Something like this is also great for keeping the water contained while the snow melts. Plus the kids will love playing with everything!

Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles

I love to bring out all of Rays puzzles and we dump them all out in a big pile. Then we line the puzzle boards up end to end and he has to sort through all the pieces to put each puzzle back together. He has fun doing this and it definitely keeps him busy for a little while. This is a great thing to do if the puzzles you have, have started to become too easy.

Painting Fun

There are so many fun things to do with paint. Everything from water color to acrylic on canvas. If you are looking for something with less mess color with water is another great thing for kids to do. Every couple of weeks or so I plan a day to do a painting project. This gives me a chance to work on some of my own painting DIY while he is having fun just getting messy. Check out this turtle painting that I did a while ago where I let Ray help paint the canvas!

Let’s Play Store

Sometimes just setting stuff up around the house and let them go around and pretend shopping. Ray loves setting up all his toys. He also thinks its so much fun having his wallet and pretending to pay me for everything. In reality you don’t have to have anything super fancy. Just a little bucket will work. However, if you are looking for a great gift idea that they will have fun with look into this Little Tykes shopping cart or this little play cash register.

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