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Growing Up Already

So this week I moved little man from his crib into a big boy bed. I seriously do not think that I have ever seen him this excited in his entire life. I cannot believe that he is already sleeping in a big boy bed. It seems like just yesterday we were switching him from his bassinet to his crib. Now the crib is gone and a twin sized bed is in its place. It is such a bitter sweet moment and as a mom I know there are going to be many, many more of these moments.

Now, we have been talking about switching him out of his crib for a little while because he is just getting too big for his crib. We were even to the point with the crib that we put the mattress right on the floor inside the crib sides because he was climbing out of it and he was not cautious at all when he dropped to the floor. He is about three feet tall now and throughout the night we would hear him move and hit the sides so it is definitely time. I tried to plan it out so he would have an easier time adjusting to the move. I did not want to do it before a weekend that we were going away since he was sleeping in a pack-and-play while we were visiting the in laws. Which brings us to this week. I kind of jumped the gun and switched his bed on Monday instead of doing it when I planned to on Thursday.

Luckily my good sleeper has stayed a good sleeper!!! The first night did take about an hour and a half to get him to stay in bed and finally fall asleep. Then each night after has been getting easier and easier. This last night he did not even try to get out of bed at all. I am so happy that he is doing so well with this transition. I have found that as long as I stick to my word and make him realize that when it is time to go to bed that is it he is now really getting the hang of it. When I was trying to figure out how to transition him I read different things that said to sit next to him the first night and slowly move myself out of his room (which I might add could take forever). I guess I am just not that kind of mom because I know that he is little, however, he is smart enough to open the refrigerator and tell me what he wants to eat so he should definitely be smart enough to go to sleep on his own in his own bed in his own room. He is just so excited that getting up to roam his room is fun but we are instilling good habits and when it is time to sleep you stay in your bed.

All I know is that now he has his big boy bed he thinks he is a big boy. He has even stopped calling me mama and has started calling me mom. Lets hope that this is all the growing up he is going to do right now for a while. I was not ready for him changing what he called me which has really thrown me for a loop. We will have to just wait and see what more growing up he has in store for me in the near future.

Isn’t this bedding super cute too!!! I searched and searched for something with trains that was not super expensive and that was a whole bedding set. This we found at Target and he loves it.

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