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Happy Monday

So we are back from the weekend with the in-laws. And for a day and a half away it feels like we were gone for almost a week. It was so nice seeing everyone and Ray loved all the attention he got from everyone he got to see. I was so worried to go this weekend because when we went on New Years Ray was in a full on terrible twos and did not listen to save my life. I was worried that his behavior was going to be like that again this weekend. However, he was super good and listened so well it was a complete 180. And since we are in the midst of potty training I thought that we would have issues with that as well. Well he proved me wrong for sure!!! I am glad I took his little training potty with us because he was so excited to show grandma how he was able to use it. (I will share some of my tips on potty training in a later post when we have it down a little bit more.)

While we were at the in laws Ray also had his first trip to the dentist! I found that showing him a video on YouTube of what a dentist was and what they were going to do when he went. What did our parents do without the internet back in the day with us!!! He was so ready and willing to sit and have them look at his teeth. We even helped them count his teeth and thought it was funny when they polished them. He is still talking about how the paint (fluoride treatment) was yuck so I am pretty sure he wont ever try to put paint in his mouth when we are doing art projects.

Overall our weekend was great. Long but great. Now it is time to gear up for the week ahead and keep working on some fun projects that I have got coming up.


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