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Hello There!!!


Hi there. So I am hoping to turn it into something that will really help some of you. I am forever trying to figure out my way through life and through the craziness of being a mother, wife, daughter, etc. I have a lot of tips and tricks that might help some of you keep a little bit of your sanity too.

First off here is a little bit about me since I really haven’t been keeping up with this blog too well.I am a former fashion student that just couldn’t seem to land that dream job once I graduated. (I know right). I love doing anything creative from illustration to calligraphy. I am also a former bikini competitor. I love working out and doing things to better my mind and my health. However, since having my son 15 months ago it has been a little tough to get back into doing anything that I enjoy for myself and taking care of my health. But that is hopefully going to change.

I hope I am able to inspire you to get back (or start) doing things that inspire you and help to make you a stronger person.

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