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If You…

Just some thoughts for this Monday morning. This was a poem that I found years ago and I wrote it down because I really loved it back then. This past weekend I came across it again and I feel as though it is still so relevant today. I hope all of you have a great Monday and a great week!


If you can value all the simple joys in each new day,
If you can see the gift in everything life brings your way,
If you can find your strength and all your answers deep within,
If you can trust yourself enough to let your dreams begin..

If you can learn and grow from every challenge that you face,
If you can know each moment is the perfect time and place,
If you can recognize yourself in other’s hopes and fears,
If you can feel compassion for your own and others’ tears…

If you can understand your thoughts help shape the world you see,
If you can sense that you create your own reality,
If you can comfort someone else and be a friend who cares,
If you believe real wealth comes from the riches that one shares,
If you can live life fully and enjoy it heart and soul,
If you can just accept those twists and turns you can’t control,
If you can show integrity in every choice you make –

Then your journey will be filled with joy,
Whichever paths you take.

Whatever your choices,
Whatever you do,
Hope can bring success and adventure to you!


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