I’m Back!!!

Ok, so I have very much been out of the loop these past few months. Needless to say things have been kind of crazy and in my head everything has been difficult. But I’m back now from a week long vacation that my husband and I took to Punta Cana which was amazing!!! I had time to decompress and to relax which was great. I was also away from all of the social media for a week since I didn’t even have my phone. This I have to admit was so nice.

On our trip my husband and I also got time to reconnect. We were celebrating our anniversary over our trip and let me tell you, after being with someone for 8 years we needed to reconnect. We have gotten so comfortable with each other that a lot of times we were never romantic or anything toward one another. The past two years that we have been married have also taken a toll on our relationship because I was full on competing in the NPC Bikini Competitions. Don’t get me wrong it is great to have a goal and to get in shape to pursue something like this but the way I was doing it I became obsessed. My husband was able to see it but I wasn’t and he was not going to be the one to tell me to stop. I was more worried about what everyone else thought about me rather than what he thought about be and really he is the only one whose opinion should matter.

Anyway (I got off on a tangent) we had a great vacation. I am so blessed to have my wonderful husband by my side supporting me no matter what. And now I am back and hopefully will start to really bring you some valuable information and thoughts on different subjects.

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