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Inexpensive Fall Decorating

I love that when seasons change I get to change up some of the decor in my house. I always makes it seem fresh and new which is really nice. Each year I tend to add a little more to my collection of decor. This year, I decided that I needed to get some more stuff for fall/ halloween. Most of my decor that I have has been given to me from family members, however, I really want to start getting my own decor pieces that I personally love.

I know that it can be really easy to spend a ton of money on holiday and season decor so I have been trying to get creative and put together my own versions of some of the more expensive pieces that I like. A few other things I have let my son pick out that are more halloween related that will get put away after October 31st. For most of my decor I like that it is able to be left up until I switch over to Christmas.

My main focus this year was to have a nice centerpiece on the table. I loved all the ones that I saw with candles, pumpkins, and leaves but most of the ones I liked were at least $25 or more. Just to get a tray to put everything on was becoming difficult for me to find. So when I was out shopping I found a great little wooden tray that is separated into three slots. It was in the section for office and desk supplies. I love that I was able to find it and repurpose its use. Then I bought three glass vintage jars in a gold color. (The best thing about these is that I am going to use them in my Christmas center piece as well!)

I was able to find packets of leaves and pumpkins to fill in the center piece as well as carry the fall theme throughout the house with the rest of my decor. I am always on the look out for some nice pieces that I am able to use or that can replace some that I already have. I just really do not like getting anything too expensive when I have a toddler in the house because we all know that they like to touch and look at everything. Which means that some things are inevitable going to get broken. Maybe when Ray is a bit older I can start investing in some nicer pieces but until then I am able to fake it by putting together my own!

Tray: Farm Storage Wooden Tray (Similar on Amazon)
Jars: Joann Fabrics 
Pumpkins: Decorative Mini Pumpkins (Similar 8 Pack on Amazon)
Leaves: Bulk Pack  (This is a much better deal than the small packs I was able to find)
Window Clings: Dollar Tree (Same Ones)
Signs: Collected throughout the years from Joann Fabrics
All Other Pumpkins: Collected throughout the years from family

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