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Keeping Hope After a Flood

Over the weekend my family was given a shock that is going to take a while to recover from. Our little town received so much rain on Thursday night that there was flash flooding all around the county and the neighboring county. My parents house sit right on the river and due to the sheer volume of rain the entire road washed out. This caused a ripple effect of flooding down to where my dads Corvette building was at. By the time they had heard the road give out the building was sitting in 4 feet of water. Now, my dad always worked on cars his entire life. Up until I was about five years old most of my memories were of being at car shows and sitting and hanging out in these cars. As kids we were also told that if we learned how to drive a stick shift then we would be allowed to drive the Vettes once we turned 16. I learned as fast as I could and was driving them every chance he would let me to school.

My dad had been restoring these cars since before I was born and they were his prized possessions. If you are not into classic cars it is hard to explain the pride that these guys have after they restore them. My dads building not only stored these cars but also had his many collections and memorabilia in them. Along with lots of family pictures and papers. All of these things got destroyed. A total of 9 cars were flooded. All of my dads Corvettes along with my brothers restored 1975 Bronco and my sisters boyfriends Camaro.

Needless to say I have never felt so many emotions in one weekend than I have in this past one. I am sad because these were his pride and joy (other than us kids of course). I am relieved that no one got hurt especially since my dad basically ran down to the buildings and could have been swept away by the fast current of the river. Lucky that the water did not make in into their new house that they just build this year. Exhausted because we helped them all weekend go through stuff and try to salvage anything we could.

It took a whole day to get all the cars out and power wash them as best we could. Then it took a whole second day to drain all the fluid out of them. It also took a day to scrape all of the mud out of the one building because when you have a flood from a river not only do you get water but you also get mud and clay.

I just cannot believe that this has happened. In the 30+ years they have lived here and had the building here it has never flood. The water has not even gotten close. I am just hoping that we are able to restore some of the cars and figure out how to build a new building. The pressure from the water caused the ground from under it to start washing away so there is no way to just clean it up and put things back in it.

At this point we just continue to work and to clean things up. All of my dads tools were flooded so we are starting to clean them up. (He started to build his new pole barn this week and all of his tools were being stored in another building that was down there.) It is just crazy that water is able to cause this much damage and there is absolutely no way to stop it. I know that my parents will be able to push past this ordeal because they are the strongest, most hard working people that I know. All I can do is have faith and hope that everything is going to turn out ok.

These are just some of the picture of the building before the flood and after.

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