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Kindness Challenge: Choosing Kindness Reflection

This week we were to think about when we have had a difficult time when responding with kindness or to think of people in our lives that are difficult to be kind to. When I was working I was always running into people who were difficult to be kind to. Working in retail kind of does that to you. If it is not your coworkers that are being difficult then it is the customers. Since I have been out of work I have not had to deal with that very much. I seem to get along with most people I come into contact with. Because of this I have tried to focus this week more on spontaneous acts of kindness. Just doing little things for people I come in contact with on a daily basis. I have also tried to focus on being more kind as a mother and a wife.

I did struggle with being kind to my husband when he called and told me that he will be working over time all weekend and that we won’t see him. Along with us not seeing him I have been planning on having a get together at our house that he was supposed to help with. When he first told me I got mad instantly and just felt so much hatred toward his job. But then I realize that I was only that upset because I felt added stress due to planning stuff for on the weekends. Especially when with his job he could be made to work overtime at a moments notice and I really cannot rely on him being home.

Since I had this stress I noticed it starting to roll over into the rest of my day. So I made a point of being nice to every person that I came into contact with when Ray and I went to get groceries. By the end of my shopping trip I felt a lot better and people seemed to respond to me in a kinder way as well. I like being able to feel happy and light not feel like I am in the way or inconveniencing people. This seems to happen when I try to make kindness a priority.

I have also found myself being more aware of being kind to Ray. Even when he is doing things that are driving me nuts. I try to remember that he is only two and then come up with something fun for us to do to redirect him. Sometimes it is difficult when I have to get things done and he is just acting up for attention. This week has seemed a lot better since I really tried to focus on being kind to people and to Ray on a daily basis.

I have learned that sometimes I have to just take a step back and really think about what I am doing, what I am saying, and how I am responding to different situations. And instead of just letting my emotions take over really think about what I am doing or saying and how it is going to effect the other person. It is definitely a work in progress but being able to extend kindness everyday to Ray and let him see how to be kind to everyone that we come in contact with is something that I really want to try to teach him. Especially since he is at a really impressionable age.

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