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Lets Get Motivated

So for the past couple of weeks I have decided that I am going to get it together and start working out again. I figure that I can’t say that I just had a baby since my baby is turning 2 next month. So with that in mind I tried to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to do it to get back on the grind of everything. My husband and I talked about it and no matter how much I wanted to jump right back into things, he said that I need to realize that I have to build myself back up to where I was before I got pregnant. Even though I hated to hear that he was definitely right about that one.

At this point I am now 11 days into a 28 day booty challenge. I know that working out every day is something that I was going to work back up to but these workouts are quick (45 min) max and most of them are body weight exercises. My biggest challenge was to get past day three. I originally purchased this plan online in December but then found out that I was pregnant. Back in December I tried multiple times to start the challenge but could never seem to get past the first couple of days. (Lack of motivation was definitely part of it and the holidays thrown into the mix was the other).  So now that I have started up this plan again I am determined to really get through the 28 days. Then after that I think I might start coming up with my own stuff. Things that I used to do when I was training for competitions.

I do know this, I am definitely not where I was before I got pregnant!!! Not even close. However, that is ok. I am at least trying to move my body and I am sticking to my plan. I am finding that I am also relearning how to push myself and push through thinking that I can’t do one more rep. Hopefully I will be able to start putting together my own workouts that are quick and easy and something you are able to do at home because that is exactly the type of stuff that I need. I need workouts that I can do while little man is sleeping or things that I can do when he is awake and able to play while he is next to me. Sometimes we turn on music after dinner and he dances while I do my workouts. Even though those days I might not push myself as hard as I should I call it a win because I am trying to at least do something and I get some cardio in while dancing around with him between sets.

I know there are other mom’s out there that don’t know how to find the time to get in a workout. I am definitely that mom. Most days I am up by about 4 or 5 in the morning so working out before is not happening and I definitely have to push myself to get my workout in after little man goes to sleep at night. But I have my goal in mind where I would love to not feel uncomfortable in my own body anymore. And I am determined to make that happen.

Hopefully in the next month or so I am able to get some of my own workouts put together and I will be posting a workout each week. So definitely leave me a comment and let me know what areas you would like to see some workouts on!!!

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