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Letting Go

Everyday there is pressure. There is pressure to do a good job, to live up to expectations, to be healthy and look as good as you possibly can. This pressure stems from media, books, magazines and movies. Sometimes this pressure is a good thing. It makes us strive for more in our lives and shows us that there are more things out there than just what is in front of us. I personally don’t like to feel like I live under a rock. However, I know that the more I do the more pressure I feel to keep up with everything. It is crazy now because during this generation we also have the pressure from social media. Especially when you are trying to make a name for yourself and do things in the hopes that others will want to see it. There is a pressure that if people do not know your name then you will be a nobody your entire life.

This past week I have felt this pressure immensely. Knowing that I have to keep up with everything. And as a mom it is hard to feel so overwhelmed with your own life and then have to take care of someone else that has no idea how you feel or what is going on. I definitely feel as though I did not do a very good job being a mom last week. Everything just got to be too much. Not to mention, my husband is on the road for work and we were only going to see him for a day and a half over the weekend. Having him home has really helped me breath and realize what is important. It is nice when you have that other person that can make you feel perfectly at ease the minute they come into the room. I am so lucky to have him with me through this crazy life. However, a day and a half is not enough time to get back into the right head space.

Now, sometimes when everything gets to be too much the best thing to do is take a break and get away. Since I don’t work and little man is in school we have been able to get out of the house for the week and really just stir up our routine. Doing this has made me realize that because I felt so out of control and in my own head all last week that my way to cope with this was to try and control the stuff that was going on around me. This meant trying to make Ray be a “perfect” kid and not get into anything or do anything he wasn’t supposed to. When in reality he is only 2 and he was just being a two year old. I have to just relax and let him be and not try to control everything.

Letting go is something that I am going to have to continue to work on. Letting go of how I think everything should go and what everyone should do. I have found that with the pressure to be a perfect mom is something that I have to let go of as well. All we can do is take one day at a time. But as mom’s and women in general we also have to give ourselves a break once in a while and realize that we do not have to be perfect all the time. In reality, more people will be drawn to you if you are confident with yourself and when they can feel like no matter what happens you feel good in your own skin and in your own life. It is ok to strive for better things as long as they do not take away from the confidence that you have gained in the first place.

All things will happen in time and it is better to enjoy the moments that you have instead of being miserable all the time until you get the perceived things that you think you want. In this day and age, I am finding that it is better to just let go and live and stop worrying about our future so much.

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