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Library’s the Hidden Gems

Not many people ever go to the public library anymore in todays society. In our small town we have a branch that is linked to the main public library in the town that is 20 minutes away. At the beginning of the summer I noticed that they were having some pretty fun things for kids in our towns newsletter. One of the things was called Classroom Critters where someone brought in small animals for the kids to see. I made a mental note of it and then put it on the calendar so we would not forget. I figured it might be something fun to do and get us out of the house. As well as check out the library and see if they had anything else going on.

It turns out that there has been this gem within walking distance from our house this entire time. I cannot believe that it has taken us this long to discover it. When we went to Classroom Critters Ray got to see and hold all sorts of little animals. Everything from a tree frog to a snack. He was so excited and though that they animals were so cool. The guy that brought all the animals also did different presentations at some of the schools in the area and for different church groups. It was a lot of fun for the kids and he also helped to include the parents into some of the discussions as well. Ray loved it so now I am making sure that I look for the different things that might be going on there that will peak his interest.


While we were there I was able to get a booklet that told everything that was going on at all the branches throughout the summer. It is crazy how much stuff the library offers.

  • There are things for babies and toddlers such as story time, music and movement, and toddler time.
  • Things for youth and families such as Lego Club, pottery painting, and movies under the stars.
  • For teens they have teen art, iron chef, and even an over night at the library.
  • Even things for adults such as glass etching, a book discussion group, and iPad/ iPhone workshops.

With all of these things going on it is amazing because most of it is free to do. Especially things for the kids. Recently we have also discovered that we are able to check out passes to the Children’s Discovery Museum that is in town that will get us into the museum for free. They only have some many passes to give out so it is a first come, first serve basis however, most people do not know that you can rent the passes. The great part is that you get them for a week so I always try to plan on getting one if is looks like the weather is going to be awful for the week.

Some other things our libraries offer to anyone that is 18 and older is the ability to check out different electronics. They have a few different portable chargers GoPro cameras, iPads or tablets, and even an Apple MacBook. I think that the chargers would be great for going camping for the week or even trying out something like a GoPro before you decide that you really want to make that investment.

I was so surprised at all the different things that the library offers other than just checking out books to read. Especially in the summer they have different special events that are fun for the whole family. I am very glad that we have discovered this and are able to do some more fun things with Ray.

I encourage you to see if your library offers any fun little programs that you or your kids might enjoy. Especially for moms this is a great way to get out of the house and do some different things each week without it costing a bunch!


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