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Morning Routines

How important is a morning routine? I know that personally I am finding that they are very important. Especially since I quit working, if I don’t get up and get moving it just feels as though my whole day is off. Recently, I decided that I have had enough with my routine being dull and kind of lacking in the way that I start my days. So these past couple of weeks I have started to set my alarm and make myself actually get out of bed and get moving. It is really hard to do, especially when I really don’t need to get up to be anywhere. However, I know that when I do get up and have some quiet time to myself before Ray gets up I seem to be much calmer and more relaxed as a mom. I feel like I have a handle on my day and that I can really start getting stuff done.

Currently I am on a schedule where I get up at 6am and hope to have an hour to myself before Ray gets up. This doesn’t always happen but we are working on it. A while ago I got Ray a wake up alarm clock at Target for his room. This clock turns green when he is allowed to come out of his room at 7am. However, I have not been enforcing that rule and now I am trying to get him into the habit that even though he hears me doing stuff he has to stay in his room. Some days he sleeps until almost 8 so I actually get a little extra time.

Before, I used to think that the only reason that I should have to get up early was to either go to work or get a workout in. But I am finding now that just having that quiet time in morning is really crucial for me to have a really good day. Now I just enjoy drinking a cup of coffee, planning out my day and what needs done, and getting myself put together (hair, make up, getting dressed). When I have a set routine in the morning it tends to make my whole day a lot more calm and stress free.

Some people like to get a workout in early in the morning before they do anything else. That way it is done and over with and you don’t have to worry about it later. Other people just like to do some light stretching and just sit with a cup of coffee and plan out what they really need to do. Whatever you like to do trust me if you start to make yourself get up and get going this hour of just peace in the morning is an amazing thing.

There are so many benefits to waking up just a little earlier and getting a handle on your day before the actual chaos of the day starts. I am hoping to be able to really start my day at 5 am but I know that this is a work in progress. Especially since getting up earlier means going to bed a little earlier.

If you have a morning routine leave a comment below and let me know what you do!

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