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Mother’s Day Wish List

As we all know, mothers day is coming up. Even though I am not really expecting much for mothers day. (I did get a new computer a month ago so I can’t really justify wanting all that much.) However, I do always have a wish list of little gifts that I would love to get. And as we all know we cannot forget our own mothers. Which, from my experience, is kind of easy to do once you become a mom yourself because you are so busy taking care of your own little ones. I don’t know about you but I love gift giving and sending flowers last minute is just not my thing.

So if you are looking for some great gift ideas in a variety of price ranges check out my great gift guide for some ideas or some inspiration!

1. Alex and Any Bracelets
This Lotus Peace Petals Art Infusion Set May Exclusive is super pretty and dainty. It is something that is a little more special than the typical bracelets that they sell and is perfect for any mom.

2. Bullet Journal
When you are always on the go and need to keep track of everything all in one place. Bullet journals are great for to do lists, planners, and keeping track of every little detail. For the mom that has her hands full but loves to be super organized.

3. Wind & Weather Solar Hummingbird Mobile
For a mom that loves her garden and flowers, this is a great gift. It is weather durable and is a great addition to any outdoor space. (I got this one for my mother this year).

4. Honest Beauty Lip Gloss
A nice shiny lip gloss that is not too heavy or sticky. Infused with pomegranate for hydration. The perfect gloss for date night. With 6 different shades there is bound to be one she will love.

5. Nap time Hustle Coffee Mug
For the mom boss that is running an empire while keeping up with the kiddos. #naptimehustle

6. Vici Dolls Beach Please Tank
The perfect tank top for summer. Great for lounging around on the weekend and hanging out with the kids. I personally love tank tops like this because it is a cute top just to throw on and go with a pair of shorts and a messy bun.

7. The Big Bottle Co Water Bottle
For the moms that are into health and fitness and making sure they are staying hydrated throughout the day. These bottles are 2.2 liters so drinking one of these a day will definitely keep you hydrated.

8. Edible Arrangements Fruit Bouquet
You cannot ever go wrong with chocolate covered fruit! This is a great alternative to sending just plain flowers. It shows a little thought even if you are miles away.

9. MantraBands
I love these little bracelets from MantraBands. All of the different sayings are great and they make great gifts. They look perfect just by themselves or stacking them on top of each other. With tons of sayings you can definitely find the perfect one for your mom. Plus with an added bonus of adding to her collection throughout the year. They also have some cute necklaces as well.

10. Feather and Stone Watch
Even though the fitness bands are the major thing that everyone is wearing these days sometimes it is nice to just have that one go to traditional watch. All of these watches are very traditional and would go with everything. With different band and metal colors you are sure to find one she will love.

11. Itunes, Amazon, Kindle Gift Cards or a gift certificate to her favorite spa
You can never go wrong with any of these!

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