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My Dream Dressing Room

Earlier this month I came across Arhaus and it inspired me to to design what my dream dressing room would look like. This idea sounded amazing to me because who doesn’t love imagining what their dream closet/dressing room would look like!? I definitely had some ideas that I loved and was so excited to start putting together this project. Originally I thought that this would be super easy to come up with everything and just put it together. However, when looking at different pieces I started to realize that in order to put together a whole room I would have to keep things cohesive and stay true to what my dream is. Even thought there are some great pieces out there I had to make sure that everything made sense and would work well together. There are a lot of pieces I would love to own as well.

I decided that if this was going to be my dream dressing room then I was not going to look at any prices and really just go for it with everything that I love. Of course I began my research looking at some dream closets and dressing rooms that I have pinned throughout these past few years. These are some of my favorites that I have really been inspired by. I love the nice warm tones and open space. I also love the darker woods and the metals that are used throughout. After seeing some of the living room furniture that Arhaus carries I began to really get inspired to create my own dream room.

Photos from Pinterest

Now when looking for pieces to create my own dream dressing room I first started looking for a mirror and a light fixture. I love some recessed lighting and definitely love having lighting around the mirror and by all the clothing. However, a dream dressing room is not complete without a stunning chandelier. I also love the idea of a great big grand mirror and also a back wall with some great wallpaper that makes a statement without being too overpowering.

Mirror: Madhava Leaner Mirror (Arhaus), Chandelier: Eloquence Beaded Globe Chandelier (French Garden House), Wallpaper: Fresh Foil Wallpaper in Turquoise (Arhaus)

After I figured out what style of lighting I liked and the type of mirror I really wanted I was then able to look at some of the bigger items that would create some more storage and counter space in order for the room to be all encompassing and functional. I love dressing rooms with large islands that are able to hold smaller things like jewelry. Another thing that I would love to have in this room would be a vanity table where you can do your hair and makeup. I also love pairing a small bench next to the center islands just for some extra seating.

Center Island: Sutton Closet Island with Shelves & Jewelry Tower (Pottery Barn), Vanity: Diana Vanity Set with Mirror (Wayfair), Bench: Simone Upholstered Bench (Joss & Main)

Another thing I love having in large dressing rooms and closets is extra seating. (Sometimes it is a lot of work to get all done up).  I like to use the seating and extra stuff to add in a little bit more color but also stick with the warm tones that are going on throughout the room. The smaller pieces are easy to change out as well if you ever decide that you want a change. The chairs that I picked out still have the gold accent while adding the colors of blue and a reddish brown to the room. Along with the chairs I also loved the end tables made of sliced agate gemstones that carry over the same tones and colors of the chairs. And no dressing room would be complete without an amazing rug in a neutral that will go with everything in the room.

End Tables: Agate Martinis Tables (Arhaus), Chair: Teeka Upholstered Chair (Arhaus), Rug: Oakdene Ivory Area Rug (Allmodern)

Finally I don’t think that any room is complete unless there are some pieces that add a personal touch to the entire room. I have always loved rooms that display different things such as purses, shoes, and even your wedding dress. All of the cases that I have found for this are all custom built but look amazing. I also love having some different art work that is fun yet sophisticated with some colors which helps to tie in the colors of the room and the clothes. Another big thing that I am really into are decorative dress forms in a dressing room. Being a fashion student and using a dress form a time or two I love having them on hand.

Photo from Pinterest

Tray: Chain Rectangle Vanity Tray (Joss & Main), Dress Forms: Display Mannequin (Etsy), Marble Artwork: Marianna Canvas Art (Joss & Main), Dress Artwork: Star of the Ball Canvas (Joss & Main)

I hope you love my dream dressing room! Let me know what your favorite part of my dream room is in the comments below!

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