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No Stress Packing

This weekend we will be off to visit the in-laws which is super fun because we get to leave the house and see Rays other grandparents that we do not see all that often. And lucky for me, Ray is a pretty good traveler in the car. As long as he has his snacks and we have some good songs to listen to he is pretty laid back for a couple hour drive. He always loves to see the “big trucks” that we pass on the freeway.

The worst part about going away for a couple of days is the packing and unpacking part. I am pretty sure I am not alone with this aspect of traveling. Now when it was just me and Don packing wasn’t all that complicated or tough but now that we have added a little one to our family it always feels like when we go somewhere we have so much stuff it looks like we are moving in. Now I am grateful that little man is not so little anymore and we do not have to bring the pack and play, walker, highchair, etc. But now we have other things to worry about such as his booster seat, utensils, toys, and potty chair. This time around I have to make sure to pack extra pants and undies for him in case of any accidents since we are potty training.

In order to make my life a little easier I always write out a list to make sure that we bring everything that we need. Then I put the list in the suitcase so we can double check that we are bringing everything home that we took. Most of the time on the list I will write out how many pairs of everything I need as well. And since we live in a place where the weather is always changing I have to remember to pack for almost every season. Even if we are just going for a weekend.

Below you will see my personal packing list that I have printed out and filled in the numbers of things I need to take and some of the things I need to remember to pack in the morning and what is in the laundry that I need to pack once it is done. For all of you, I have included a packing list that is already filled out (just without the names) and an empty one if you just want to add your own items and categories that you can print for when you travel.packing-listPacking List

Packing List (Empty)

One other tip that I have is to make the little ones (that are big enough) bring their own bag with their toys so that you can keep them separate from everything else and they are able to have that with them in the car so they will have some stuff to play with. Hopefully this will make packing and unpacking easier and save you some time from writing out a new list every time you have to go somewhere.

Happy travels!!!

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