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Organizing Through The Holidays

If any of you are like me then you like to feel like you are on top of your stuff especially when it comes to the holidays. The past couple of years I have managed to let all of the stress from the holidays take over and not really stay as organized as I should have. But this year is different. I have started my lists early and I am trying to make sure I am getting everything done that needs done. I have even started shopping earlier and have accumulated a decent amount of stuff for the people we need to get gifts for. In order for me to think about what I need to get and who all I need to buy for lists have become my savior. Now, I have always been a list maker especially when I was in college in order to remember everything.

But for those of you that are not that great a keeping lists or if you really don’t know how to start here are some tips.

  • Give your list a title this way you write down things that are for that particular category. (For example my one list is Christmas Cookies/ Candy to Make.)
  • Next just start listing what you need to do, get, make, etc. (sugar cookies, Hersey Kiss cookies, chocolate fudge, etc)
  • After I get this far I usually start to break down each item. (So under sugar cookies I will plan what day I want to bake them, what day I need to mix up the dough which is usually the night before, and when I want to give some away as gifts. I do this to make sure I am not making the cookies too far ahead of time but also allowing myself ample time to get them all done.) When I am breaking the list down I am also editing it according to what baking items I still need to purchase and what all I have time to make.
  • As I am figuring out if I have all the ingredients I am also starting another list to keep track of what all I need to buy and by the date I need to buy it all.

So really it seems kind of overwhelming but the more you do it the quicker it goes and usually I don’t even have to think about it too much. I do know that this year I am also trying to coordinate making some of my cookies with my mom (the woman who passed on her amazing baking skills and recipes to me) since they are building a new house and still do not have a kitchen yet.

If you have any questions definitely leave me a comment and here is my finalized baking list for you to take a look at. After Christmas if you would like to see my Christmas Gift Ideas List just let me know. (I cannot let you see if before since who knows who might see it right! And we cannot spoil the surprise.)

Christmas Cookies/ Candy to Make
Sugar Cookies: 12/5 & 12/6
– Make up dough: 12/5
– Bake cookies: 12/6
– Frost cookies: 12/6
Get Sour Cream
– Hersey Kiss Cookies: 12/8 or 12/9
Pick up Hersey Kisses
– Peanut and Marshmallow Clusters: 12/11 or 12/12
Pick up marshmallows and peanuts
Chocolate Fudge
– Chocolate Chip and xmas M&M Cookies: 12/14
– Set out butter to soften the morning of baking
– Make sure we have enough butter
Pick up M&M’s and Chocolate chips
Press Cookies

Shopping List
– Double check all baking staples    

– Flour
– Sugar
– Brown Sugar
– Etc.


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