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Potty Training Part 1

So we have been working on potty training Ray for about the past month or so. We got him a potty about a year ago and had it sitting in the bathroom so he could get used to it. We got one of the Baby Bjorn ones like this one which is the perfect height and is super comfortable for him. Then recently he started to really show that he was ready. So we bought some undies and decided to give it a shot. Everything was going great for a little while when it was new and fun but recently we have been having more and more accidents and he refuses to go number two on his potty. He has taken to waiting until he has a pull up on before he will do his business. We have been putting a pull up on him for his naps and bedtime because he has not been dry other than a couple of times.

At this point I am starting to get so frustrated because he will say he has to go but then tell me “I’m fine” and will go in his pants. I am trying to figure out how to really instill that it is not good to do that. Now that it is warming up a little bit I am considering letting him run naked for 3 days (an article I read did that for 3 days and their kid was potty trained) just to see how it goes. At this point we really don’t have much to lose.

We have been really conscious of not pushing him to use his potty and know that when he is ready he will use it but now it seems like he just thinks it’s kind of funny to pee in his pants. It is definitely time to try and take a different route in the hopes that it will work. We even tried a sticker chart and he would only get a sticker if he went on his potty and was dry but he is over that now. I definitely have a very strong willed child so if he doesn’t want to do something he is just not going to do it.

Wish us good luck and hopefully I will be able to keep you up to date here soon with what is working for us!

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