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Preparation and Mindfullness Before the Holidays

As we all know the holidays are always kind of crazy, kind of messy, but usually a whole lot of fun. With that being said going into the holidays is something that we need to be mentally prepared for. A lot of times being mindful of what we are doing, eating and saying is something that will help you holidays be a lot more enjoyable.

I always know that everything I set out to do is better when I have a plan for what and when I am going to do it. Also being mindful of how much you can personally do before you burn yourself out is a must as well. With all this being said here are some of my tip on making this year your best year ever!

To-Do Lists

Even if you are not much of a list person I find it extremely helpful to have one around this time. Having not only a daily to do list but also a list of who you are giving gifts to, food that you need to make for get togethers, and who you are sending cards to will really help you keep onto of things. Here are some blank lists to help you out with this.

Sticking To Your Budget

Now I am the type of person that hates to think about the budget. I like being able to Christmas shop by just trying to find the best things for the person I am buying for at the best price. I always like my gifts to be well thought out and a little personal. A lot of people (like my husband) like to just give money or gift cards. That is not what I am about. But I do understand the need to have a budget and stick to it. Especially in these times that are somewhat uncertain. Check out my gift giving budget worksheet to help you stick to your budget too.

Remember Your Goals

Around the holidays it is so easy to let all of your goals and hard work slip. This is the time that we must be more mindful than ever and make sure we are doing what we need to do. Whether you have healthy eating goals, daily exercise goals, or even goals of getting to bed on time. If you are not mindful and let these things fall to the wayside, your overall mindset is going to go with it. Especially if you have established some great habits throughout the year. I know some people that have to get a workout in or they feel like they are going crazy. Remember if you have been eating healthy and working out daily if you skip out on that for more than a couple days you are going to start to feel sluggish and a little irritated. Making sure you stick with it is definitely something that will make your holidays stay enjoyable.

Self Care Is A Must

Along with keeping up with your goals, making sure you are mindful of your own self care is also extremely important. Check out some of my best self care tips from last year. Doing things just for yourself especially when you are doing lots of stuff for everyone else this time of year is a must. Even if you just give yourself some time in the evenings to give yourself a facial, take a bath, or create your to do list for the next day. Being mindful of what you need will help to keep everyone around you happy as well. (It is not selfish, it is self care.)


Hopefully with all of these tips you will be able to have a great holiday season as well. See below to download any of the worksheets from above and let me know what you think!

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