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Preparing For Preschool

This week I started doing preschool lessons with Ray. He is only three so I wasn’t really in a rush to get him into a preschool but I was hoping that one of them in our town would have an opening just to get him around some other kids a couple days a week. However, since we missed getting him into a preschool this year I decided that we would start working on some of the things that he would have learned here at home.

We are doing lessons two days a week for about an hour or so. Or as long as his attention span will allow us. From now until December we are learning the letters of the alphabet by learning one letter each day. I am having him practice tracing letters along with seeing them each time we are learning them. Since I was able to redo the basement and put a little play/ learning area down there (See basement redo) it is the perfect place to have “class”. I bought an alphabet line bulletin board set at the dollar store to put up in that corner. I have also found some other great books, workbooks, and flash cards that we will be using at the dollar store as well.

I have also been very lucky that my sister used to teach preschool so I was able to get a bunch of books from her with worksheet pages that I am able to copy and have for Ray to work on. Since he is only three and is just learning how to hold a pencil I am also going to make a sand tray that he will be able to trace out the letters using just his finger. I am really focusing on exposing him to lots of letters and smaller words (such as his name) to really get him used to the idea that when letters are put together they form words.

In addition to learning his letters in the morning we are also going to be doing some sort of learning activity in the afternoon. I have a book from my sister called Everyday Activities for Preschool. These activities include learning about self-esteem, socialization, language arts, mathematics, order, and science. There are a lot of fun activities that lay out step by step how to do them and what you might need. These are the perfect type of activities to do during the day if we have to stay inside now that the weather is starting to get cooler. I am hoping to have a bunch of fun ones planned for when it is cold and snowing this winter.

I realize that I really do not have to worry too much about teaching him the things that he is going to learn in school. However, he has been starting to ask different questions about what the names of different letters are. I figured that it cannot hurt to really sit down a couple days a week and try to learn some of this stuff so that he at least has an idea. Before this year, I did not really focus too much on making sure he was learning the stuff. We read books every day and have worked on counting and stuff like that. We also have some abc puzzles and games that we play. I just feel like since I am staying at home with him now having a little bit of structured learning will be good for both of us on some of these long days.

If you have any tips, tricks or fun learning games you would like to share leave me a comment below!

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