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Products I’m Loving Right Now

Right now I am really starting to get back into finding beauty products that I am loving. After having my son all of that kind of girly stuff has kind of fallen by the wayside and I was just doing the minimum that I needed to do in order to get by. However, I really am getting back into being kind of girly again. I have realized that I feel much better when I put a little effort into myself (even though I am the mom to a boy). Just because we are boy mom’s doesn’t mean that we have to become boy-like ourselves right!!! However, now I am a little more money conscious and I am trying to get great results with a smaller price tag. Especially when I find myself rather spending my money on something for my little man instead of on myself. (Mom life right) Sometimes the things I find are a hit, sometimes a miss.  So check out some of my girly stuff that I am loving at the moment. All of these products I got at either Target or TJ Maxx. And if you have any suggestions for something I should try definitely let me know!!

Primer: e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer
So I had been thinking that I have needed a primer for a while now but haven’t really wanted to invest a lot of money into it since I was not sure if I would really like it or if it would make much of a difference. This stuff goes on smooth and feels almost like a satin which helps my makeup stay on and lay more evenly. I usually put it on over top of my face lotion, however, you can use it on fresh skin as well. I usually use a tinted moisturizer though to help give me a little color.

Night Time Skin Cream: h2o+ Night Oasis
Ever since I was pregnant with my son I started have issues with dry skin. It is usually under my eyes on my cheeks. In the summer time it usually goes away but as the weather starts to get dry and cold then the dry skin comes back. I decided to try this stuff from TJ Maxx to see if it would help at all. I have only been using for about a week and all the dryness on my face is gone. It is considered an oil-free marine hydration moisture lock gel. At first I wasn’t too sure about it being a gel instead of thick cream or lotion but now i am sold. As you put it on it makes your skin nice an cool then it soaks in and there is no sticky feeling or tight feeling left on your skin. We will see how it works as the weather keeps getting colder but as for right now it is great!

Lip Color: Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder
I have been trying to find some kind of lip color that was more of a lipstick instead of a gloss. I have used Burt’s Bees stuff before in their colored lip gloss but I am really liking the idea of more of a matte lip stick. The trouble is finding a color that is right. This color is more of a pink so it will probably be better off for spring and summer. However, I love that I can used the lip crayon to color in my entire lip. This way I am able to put a gloss over top if I want more of a sheen. It is not really a matte lip color but almost like a mix between that and the gloss. It is kind of glossy right when you put it on but then seems to settle in. Over all I really like it, I just might try to find more of a red color for fall and winter.

Eyes: Max Studio Eye Companion
                      makeup-8          makeup-9
This eye shadow comes with nine different colors to use and is laid out so you can use one for your entire eye lid area, one for just the lid, and a darker color for your crease. I like that I am able to use this for almost every occasion. Since blending and contouring isn’t something that I have had time to really try out this makes it easy and I am able to do it myself in very little time (something all moms know about when doing their makeup). Most of the time I just use the browns since that is more of an everyday look.

Nail Polish Color: China Glaze  Rendezvous With You
Simply put just a great color for fall. Almost a mix between a burgundy, deep purple and shimmer. I always like the dark polishes for fall but cannot ever find a good color that I am in love with. This, however, is that color and I pick it up on a whim without really looking too closely at it. Definitely a win!


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