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Resolutions and Goals In the New Year

First off I want to apologize not being here the past couple of weeks. I had an unexpected surgery and then decided to take a couple weeks off to regroup and get ready for the new year. So with that I am back and ready to rock this new year! I don’t know about any of you but I am someone that loves to set New Years resolutions but by the second week of January I usually give up and go back to my old ways.

Most times when people set resolutions it is difficult to keep them because they are so extreme and far fetched that they are hard to keep throughout the entire year. Over this past year I have learned that it is extremely important to make goals rather than resolutions. For me, I have decided to make yearly goals. Then each month I come up with an action plan which will help me work toward what I really want to accomplish.

I am also really focusing on Rachel Hollis from The Chic Site’s Thrive for Five. These are the five things that you should try to do every day in order to change your life. Most years the things that I really wanted seem to fall under these five things anyway. So this year I decide that those are going to be my non negotiable things that I am going to do every day.

Check out my goals for this year:

  • 5 to Thrive (Do Daily)
    • Get up an hour earlier
    • Workout at least 30 minutes
    • Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water
    • Give up a food category & replace with fresh veggies (I am going to change this one every 90 days)
    • Write down 10 things you are grateful for
  • Continue to work on my blog/ Start making some money from blogging
  • Reach Green Status with Younique
  • Read 1 Self Development book and 1 just for fun book a month
    • Create a monthly book club
  • Have a date night once a month
  • Get the house organized and clutter free
  • Continue to strive toward being a better mom
  • Create 3 mantras (every month) that I will tell myself every day
  • Get the right amount of sleep for my body

As you can see these things are not going to be achieved in one month at all. This is why it is important to have a monthly action plan or monthly goals in order to continuously be working toward the big things that I want to accomplish by the end of the year. I have been able to take my planner and write out all the things that I want to try and do for the month of January.


Then I broke it down into each week then things that I have to get done and the things that I want to keep track of daily.

If you just write these things down and have no way to hold yourself accountable it will always be a dream. I think a lot of times we get stuck with always planning things out but never actually taking the steps to accomplish our goals.

Remember this, even if you take a leap of faith and fail, you are further ahead than when you started.

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