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As we grow up a lot of times our siblings become people that we just see on special occasions. I have realize this recently since my sister has planned for me, her, and my brother to all go to a baseball game for her birthday. In reality we were all pretty close when we were kids but as we got older we each have started to do our own thing. Me and her still get together more often because we still live close to each other but my brother and I are almost just like acquaintances.

I have realized that life is short and it scares me that with as close as we were, now we barley know the type of people each other is. Once we are able to realize that we have drifted apart then we will be able to be more mindful of this. Even though social media is a great way to stay connected with what each other is doing we also have to take the time and the initiative to call and talk with each other. Even if it is just for a minute or two.

I hate that we have drifted so far apart but I am so happy that we got to hang out with each other and spend some time just being siblings. This baseball game was really fun and give us a chance to just hang out and do something together. I hope that one day Ray will have a sibling that he is able to hang out with and joke around with as well. I am so surprised at how much we have each grown and how different we are from each other. Yet we are still able to joke around and have fun like we did when we were younger.

It was also nice to see each other because even though we have changed so much we are still there for each other. Each of us has some crazy things going on in our lives right now and being able to talk about them with the people that we have literally know our entire lives helps to see things from different perspectives. Even though we are each at different points in our lives I love how we are able to help each other through some of these difficult times. I am just hoping that we will stay more connected with each other now rather than letting a month go by without talking. (This especially goes for me and my brother). I love that he is so great with Ray it just really stinks that we are not able to see him more often like we do with my sister.

Overall it was a great weekend and it was fun just hanging out with the three of us. With that take a break and call at least one of your siblings. Who knows, it might help to just brighten their day!

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