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Simple Easter Outfits

Every year for Easter we get together at my mom and dad’s house to have Easter dinner. Since it is not a typical day we usually try to dress up a bit. I thought I would give you a look at our Easter outfits for this year. Whenever I go shopping I am always on the hunt for a good bargain.

I do not like to spend all that much on special outfits for Ray since he will probably only wear the whole outfit a couple of times. (We love it when he gets matching sets that work for a holiday as gifts from family members.) This year his Great Grandma and Grandpa got him an outfit that they gave to him on Valentines Day which is going to work perfect for Easter. I love that it has different layers because we never know if it is going to be warm or cold and I like to be prepared for anything. Especially since he will be participating in an Easter egg hunt this year. I got his little slip on shoes at Target. When he goes outside for the egg hunt he will just wear his little rain boots.

For my outfit, I definitely suffer from guilt if I buy myself anything new. But this year I decided that I need something new since I only have one pair of jeans that fit me and a new shirt to go with the jeans is always nice. My jeans were found at Kohls on sale and I got my shirt at a store called Merchandise Outlet. This store definitely reminds me of a yard sale but my sister and I always find great deals on brand name clothes. This shirt I got for $1.99 which is amazing! The shoes are from Target. I just need some little kind of slip on shoe and Targets 50% off shoe sale was the perfect time to get a pair.

For my husband we just try to make sure that he has a nice pair of jeans on and a nice shirt. Most of the time he wears either Carhartt or Under Armor. I will have to say that some of Under Armor’s thermal henley shirts do not look like something you would workout in so I am ok with letting him get away with wearing it to a family function. Other than that most of the time he just decides what he wants to wear the day that we go. A lot of it has to do with how the weather looks for that day.

I usually love to be super up to date with the trends (former fashion student here) but as a mom sometimes I have to make sure things are functional and that they are able to be thrown in the washer to get cleaned. Now that little man is a bit older hopefully I will be able to start wearing my nicer stuff that I got before I had him, however, he is definitely a rough and tumble boy with everyone he comes in contact with so I may just have to keep revamping my style a bit. This just might mean that I need to do some more shopping!

Hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend!

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