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Sometimes You Just Have to Give In

Sometimes you just have to give in to the fact that things don’t always go the way you plan. This past weekend we had an impromptu get away which was a nice change of pace. However, on the drive home little man got sick. Now I just assumed that he got somewhat car sick and we got home and he went to his first tumbling class. He was running around and having a great time.

Then yesterday morning he woke up with a fever and within the first couple hours I got vomited on. (That is one of the badges of honor our little people usually save just for us Mom’s am I right!) I was hoping that we were going to keep from getting this bad flu that has been going around since he doesn’t go to daycare anymore but I guess I was wrong.

So needless to say getting stuff done got put on the back burner. For someone like me it is very hard for me to just stop and let somethings go when other more important things come up. In these few years as a mom, I have fully learned that sometimes you have to just give in. Not worry so much about trying to get it all done and just spend some time making sure your little ones are ok. Sometimes you just have to come up with a new plan for the day and give into laying around watching tv and just resting.

I feel that there is so much pressures for Mom’s to do everything and always be getting things done and making sure our little ones are getting the attention that they need. Sometimes it is just too much pressure and maybe when our little ones get sick (usually on the days you have stuff planned or lots of stuff to do) it is a way to get us to slow down and give in and take some of the pressure off. It is letting you spend that time with them and being the mom they need you to be in that moment.

So yesterday I gave in and we had a snuggling movie day. He is feeling a little better today but seems to still get tired sooner than he normally would. Hopefully he will be back to feeling great in the next couple of days.

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