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Sunshine and Frustration in May

I thought for sure that this month would be kind of dull for Ray. The sun has finally started to come out a little more and it seemed that this was going to me just a fun, quiet month. Boy was I wrong! My sweet little boy has essentially become a threenager over night. I not only have a sassy little boy but now he does not want to listen to a word I have been saying at all! Now, he does not turn three until the end of next month but oh my goodness, I was definitely not prepared for this at all. Now that this has been going on for a couple of weeks I am starting to get a handle on it a little bit. Thank goodness for my mom who is taking him for tonight and tomorrow to give me a little bit of a break!!!

Not only is he talking more than ever, we are now having a complete attitude change these past couple of weeks. The biggest frustration for me is that he wants to talk all the time (which is what I was hoping he would do for a long time) but I was not ready for him to talk all day long! Even though it has been a frustrating month we have still been having some fun as well. Since it is finally getting really warm outside we are able to go to the park more often which is a lot of fun. We have also been doing a lot of outside projects such as weeding the flower beds and painting the porch. Ray is still at the age where he loves to help which is great for the most part. He really loves to help me weed! Mainly he loves finding worms and plays with them a while before putting them back in the dirt. A typical boy, right!

This month we have also been potty training which has been going pretty well. Look out for an updated post on how it has been going. (Check out my Potty Training Part 1 post from a little while ago.) We have definitely overcome some of those potty training hurdles this past month thats for sure.

Along with everything else that we have been doing, I have finally got our basement turned into a pretty good little playroom/ office that we are able to do different art projects in. Ray loves anything to do with painting. I have also just got him his first pair of scissors. We got the Fiskers preschool training scissors which are great for his little hands and the metal blades are protected by plastic which is nice. He has been having a blast just cutting up paper whenever he gets the chance.

This month we also went on an impromptu adventure by staying in a hotel for a week where his dad was working. He got to go swimming in the pool and play at the small park in the town. It was a nice change of pace and of course for a little one staying in a hotel is always something that is fun. Now, if only we are able to get him to understand that you have to be kind of quite when we are in the room! Good thing we knew the guy that was staying in the room next to ours.

This month has been full of changes. A lot that we were not expecting. But I guess that just means that we are growing and changing which is a good thing. Even though it is very frustrating at times. All I can say is hopefully some of these changes slow down a little bit throughout this next month so that we can fall back into some sort of groove again. (So we can have that calm before the next storm, ha.)

I hope you all had a great month of May and have some fun times planned for next month now that summer is right around the corner!

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  1. It helped with my daughter to give her as many choices as possible. Which veggie at dinner, stuffed animal at bedtime, etc between two choices so it wasn’t overwhelming. She felt like she had some control and independence then. 🤗

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