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The Dangers of Taking Pictures on Railroad Tracks

Heres the Deal, Stay Off the Railroad Tracks.

Did you know that it is illegal to be on railroad tracks and that people are getting killed everyday by playing around on them? Since my husband works for the railroad he hears about this almost daily. We never knew how dangerous it actually was until he started working for the railroad.

The latest trend.

The latest trend of taking pictures on or by railroad tracks is something that puts a knot in my stomach. It has become something that is trending on all sorts of social media and is something that is so dangerous that it can end your life in an instant. There is one woman that I follow on Instagram that recently went into a train yard and was taking pictures on the tracks. She posted the picture with a caption about taking risks sometimes. Not only is being on the tracks dangerous but doing it in a train yard is even worse. You never know when a train will come around a corner or if you are in the wrong spot on the track and it shifts you run the risk of your foot getting pinched and trapped. Seeing a woman that is really influential on Instagram do this and think that it is funny and a joke just makes my heart sink.

It is important to remember that even though trains are huge they are actually really hard to hear until they are right on you. By then it is too late. An average train when pulling the emergency break can take about a mile to stop. In some areas trains can even go upwards of 60 miles per hour even though they look like they are going a lot slower. What people do not realize is that trains cannot just swerve out of the way the only thing they can do is try slowing down in time. And that is if the conductor sees you on the tracks far enough in advance to be able to pull the emergency brake. And even then he may not stop in time.

This is not something to play around with. Some these trains go so fast that when you are close enough to the tracks, the force can actually suck you into the train. If you do not die when getting hit by a train you will most certainly loose a limb from them.

Think about the guys that run the trains.

I think the worst part about all of this is hearing the stories from other railroad wives whose husbands are conductors. Those men have to live with the fact that they have killed someone all because of your need to get a good picture or play around. A lot of times these guys see you on the tracks and immediately pull the emergency brake. However, a lot of times it is just too late. I cannot imagine seeing what they see. Some of them are to the point where it is just part of the job. They have seen it too many times yet people think that it will not happen to them and they will be able to get out of the way fast enough.

My husband works on the tracks and in order for them to even step foot on any of the tracks they have to receive track time. When they are working there is no way for them to know when trains are coming. That is way it is super important they figure out when trains are supposed to be coming through the area they are working. As a worker safety on the tracks is something they do not mess around with. They have seen and heard about too many derailments and accidents while working. Even with all of their safety measures they too get hurt out on the tracks sometimes.

See this report that the Today Show did to demonstrate how dangerous train tracks can be.


I just urge all of you to think about what you are doing before trying to get that “great” picture on the tracks. Even my husband and I are guilty of doing this as well when getting our engagement pictures. We did not know how dangerous it actually was. I hope that people learn that this is not ok to do. And I hope they remember that everything you do now can affect you for the rest of your life. Even if it seems harmless at the time. It only takes a few seconds to have your life change.

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