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The End of a Week But The Start Of a Month

So, my week has been spent in a hotel room with a very sassy 3 year old. I think we can safely say that I now (without a doubt) have a threenager. And let me say that if I were even half like him when I was three I would like to apologize to my parents now!

Lets just say that we have been testing all the boundaries that we can test these past two weeks. Along with testing our strength as well. Not only have I had to correct the naughty behavior of screaming and touching things that he shouldn’t (like the knife I’m using to make a sandwich) but we have also been having a battle of who was more stubborn and going to hold out longer when he was in time out. I know that I don’t have this whole parenting thing figured out and that every kid is different but I do know with my little one, he has definitely got my stubbornness. Lets hope that this will help him one day be super successful.

Within these past two weeks though, I have found myself taking into account that he is only three. Weighing whether or not some of the things are worth fighting about or if we should just embrace these crazy quirks for now because they will soon be gone. There is a fine line between letting things go and making sure he knows how to be polite and kind though. I think that is the hardest part for me and I am working on finding a balance between letting him be a kid and letting him get away with things.

Boys for sure will give you a run for your money and there is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t get into something that he shouldn’t. I just now starting to come to accept that. However, I am raising a little boy to become a man one day and some of the stuff like punching and spitting when he gets mad is just not acceptable.

Now that we are starting off on a new month, reminding myself that he is only little once and making sure that we are setting good boundaries while being pushed to the brink before ending in laughter at some crazy thing he is doing or saying is this crazy season I am finding myself in.

To all the moms out there navigating toddlerhood, I am right here with you!

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