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Thrifty Kids Clothes Finds

As moms we know how expensive kids clothes and items can be. This is why I am so happy that I have discovered mom 2 mom sales. Around our area there are usually three to four sales each season which makes it super easy to find what you need and get it in the sizes that you want. A lot of times many of the clothes have only been worn a few times. I have even bought stuff with tags still on them. I find it great when I only have to pay a couple bucks for a shirt and a pair of pants. Especially since Ray is getting to an age where he is getting more rough and tumble and we are probably going to start getting holes in the knees and stains that will not come out.

This past weekend I went to one of the largest mom 2 mom sales around our area. Since I did not need any more pants or tee shirts for little man I was able to make a list of specific things that I really needed still. Things like tank tops, pajama sets, a spring jacket, and some dress clothes since we have three weddings to go to toward the end of the summer. As you can see I got almost everything that was on my list and then some.

Since Ray’s birthday is coming up at the end of June I was also looking for something that we could use for a birthday present. The Leap Frog books and pen were a great find especially since he is really getting into trying to read his own books and tries to use his finger to follow along with the sentences. This one that I got is the Leap Frog Tag Junior. The crazy part is I got this whole set and “pen” reader for $25! Over all at the whole sale I only spent about $70 and got quite a few things that I needed and a few things that were just too cute to pass up.

Now the only things that I still need are a pair of dress shoes and dress pants. I did find him a pair of shoes, however a size 7 is not quite big enough for his big feet. At least not in a dress shoe that is stiffer and more structured than a tennis shoe.

These types of sales are also great for larger items for expectant moms. There are some things that I would definitely make sure to buy new but for clothes and things like bouncers, diaper genies, playmats, and baby carriers it is a great place to get those things. One thing that my mom and I always do is look everything over to make sure there are no stains on the items and also check to see if you can remove any cloth items and wash them. (This is especially important for bouncers and baby carriers.) A lot of times the women that are selling this stuff are done having babies and really just want to clear up the space in their houses so you can always try and bargain with them. Usually you can talk them down in price. I know I cannot wait to sell some of the stuff that we have accumulated throughout the last three years. (We have to fully be done having kids though before I am going to do that!)

Another great place that I get a lot of Rays clothes is a store called Merchandise Outlet. There is only a handful of stores around our area since it is a family owned business. The best way to describe this store is kind of like a big yard sale. We are able to find clothes for a great price and a lot of times these clothes are from stores like Khols and/or they are brand name items. Recently, my Grandma went into one of the stores by her house and they were putting out pants and shorts in his size. She was able to get me close to 15 pairs of 3T jeans, sweatpants, and shorts! She was also able to get me a handful of tee shirts as well. The best part is that some of them were a little big so we will hopefully be all set come fall as well.

For spring and summer clothes I think I have done pretty well. With the help of all the clothes that my Grandma helped to find as well I know that we are set for a while. It is so hard for me to buy brand new clothes now because I never know how long they are going to fit and I know that as a mom I want him to be able to have fun and get dirty without me stressing out too much about him ruining some of his clothes. If you are not against having your kid wear hand me downs and you are not afraid of a yard sale type shopping experience definitely check out some mom 2 mom sales. A lot of times you can find them on Facebook or right online if you just google it. Having a large group of people just selling kids clothes in one place is great instead of taking all sorts of time trying to go to different yard sales every weekend.

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