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Hotel “Living” With a Toddler: Tips and Tricks

So for the past week we have been staying in a hotel my husband and my toddler. Now staying for a week in a hotel is really no big deal, however, if you have a toddler in tow by the end of the week it feels as though the walls are closing in. Since we have done this a couple times already when my husband is working out of town. We try to come with him to just hang out and be able to see him every day after he gets out of work. I have learned some really good packing tips and little tricks to make the time spent being cooped up more bearable.

One nice thing is if the hotel has a pool. That really seems to wear him out when I take him swimming in the morning. It seems to really wear him out before nap time and then he really takes a nice long nap and I am able to get some work done or even just have some time to myself. I fully take advantage of being in a hotel to nap when he naps, sit and read a book, or just watch a movie. There is really not much I can do when we are both in the same room and he is sleeping.

Some other things that I usually do is look up and find different parks and places to play outside when we are hear. Usually one day we will go to some stores and look at things or pick up some things that we might need like food and snacks. Then another day we will go to a park or play place to run and have some fun. I always try to do these things in the morning in order to tire him out before nap time. Staying in a hotel with a cranky toddler is definitely not something I recommend doing.

After staying in a hotel a couple times I have learned what to bring and what to leave at home.

  • The first time we brought a big tub of toys and he did not want to play with any of them. So this time we only packed a little backpack with some books and crayons and stuff. Then while we have been out and about my husband bought him some little lego duplo sets. He has been playing with them for the past two days. We got two sets but only gave him one at first to see how he would do with them. Today he even told me to turn off the tv so we could play!
  • We have also made sure to pack our little DVD player that we are able to get onto Netflix with because I am never able to find anything on cable to watch when we actually want to sit and watch something. And little man does not understand the concept of commercials.
  • When I know in advance that we will be staying in a hotel I make sure to pack little individual sized snack packets of chips and crackers. I also made sure to pack some plastic silverware and a small thing of peanut butter. Anything else that we need to eat like bread or things that need to be kept cold we make sure to go and get the first day.
  • We also bring an air mattress and a set of sheets for Ray to sleep on. This time I brought a laundry basket with all of this in it so that we also had a place for out dirty clothes. This helps to keep the room a little neater while we are staying in it. Also don’t forget anything like sound machines that help your little one go to sleep. We forgot ours one time and it was a nightmare trying to get him to go to bed.

Overall it is difficult to stay in a hotel with a toddler for an extended period of time. Especially when they do not understand the concept of inside voices. But if you can come up with some fun things to do with them and peak their interest with some stuff then it is much easier. And always remember that a hungry or tired kid makes for a cranky kiddo the rest of the day.

I would love to hear any of your tips or tricks for traveling with a toddler!


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