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Halloween Night: Trick-or-Treating and So Much More

Happy Halloween!!!

As we all know yesterday was Halloween. Not only did we have a lot of fun but we got a lot of candy as well. What was really nice was that our town, in the downtown area, has all the business participate in giving out candy. This way kids are able to go from store to store and get a piece of candy. The best part is that they do it from 4 – 6 pm so then we were able to trick-or-treat afterward in our own neighborhood.

When I was little we never got the chance to trick-or-treat in town until we were older and decided to go with friends. Each year my mom got us dressed up and loaded us up in the car to make the drive up north to my grandparents house. On the way we would stop at neighbors houses or at houses of people my mom knew. I will never forget trick-or-treating because we would always stop at each house for about fifteen minutes or so and visit with everyone. We always did get some of the best candy though since there were never very many people out trick-or-treating in those areas.

I will never forget how we would go trick-or-treating. Looking back on it now I am so happy that my mom was able to bring some joy and company so some of the elderly people when we would stop and visit them. A lot of times they would give us extra candy bars since they bought so many in the hopes that they would get to see so kids that night. A lot of times they would only get a few trick-or-treaters. Even back then it broke my heart that they were so happy to see us and were hoping to see other kids as well.

Now that I am taking my own son out on Halloween nights I am also trying to do the same thing that my mom did with us. We do go into town and start out there but then we make a point to try and stop by people’s houses that we know. Or if we know that an older person lives in a house that we are passing and they have their porch light now (in our area that is how people know which house is giving out candy) we try to stop by.

Next year for Halloween remember that there might be people just hoping to get some joy and see some people. That might be one of the only times during the year that they get to see and really talk to someone. I know that I will never forget the people and friends that we would visit with on Halloween night.

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