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Workouts Around the Holidays

Okay, I know that the title of this blog is beauty, brains and biceps and that I haven’t been all that great with giving you much content for working out and that kind of stuff. To tell you the truth ever since I stopped competing I have found it incredibly difficult to stick with any sort of workout plan at all. Throw in getting pregnant and having a baby and I am still very unsure of how to juggle all of it. But with the spirit of having more time on my hands now, and the holidays coming up I think that it is necessary to come up with some little stuff that you can do in order to keep feeling your best through all of those parties and outings.

Recently I have been wondering if any of those pinterest 30 day challenges really work. So I have started a 30 day squat and push up challenge that you will see my feedback and results from once I am done with it. Right now it is at least giving me something active that I must do every day and a lot of times I am doing it when little man and I are having our nightly dance party in the dining room so it is quick and easy to knock out and I usually do a few more things to cause I am already moving.

So, what are some quick easy ways to get in a little exercise throughout these crazy times?
1. Stretching,Abs and Pushup Play Time: Since I have a toddler we are usually spending a lot of time on the floor playing so I am able to get in some stretching, abs and pushups when we are playing. It is a win, win because I am spending some quality time with him and I am also getting my muscles moving as well.
2. Baking Leg Lifts: Usually when I am baking cookies and waiting for the oven to get done I am able to listen to music and do some leg lifts, kick backs, etc. Think, ballet style where you can hold onto the counter. Since I used to dance a lot of my old lessons start coming back to me and I can usually kick it up a notch.
3. Dance Party Cardio: Like I said before, spending time listening to music and dancing around in our dining room has started to become an after dinner thing. Ever since the time change and it getting darker out sooner I have had to come up with some creative ways to get little mans energy out before bed. It is also a great time for me to get a little crazy and not care about what I look like. Usually the crazier we dance around the more I get my heart rate up and he just thinks I’m hilarious.
4. Outdoor Chore HITT: Doing things like raking leaves and shoveling snow is definitely going to give you bursts of cardio along with using you muscles. A lot of times you are using muscles a lot differently than you use them on a day to day basis as well. Fresh air does the body good and can really help to break up your day as well. Take the kids outside, let them run off some energy and show them that it can be fun as well. Who knows, you might even wind up jumping in the leaf pile yourself or having a snowball fight with each other. All of which is just an added bonus.

Over all throughout the holiday season instead of trying to focus on making a bunch of gains and staying super strict with your diet and workout maybe try to relax a bit and make it fun. The holidays are stressful enough without the added stress to trying to stick with some insane plan (trust me I’ve done that and was miserable). For me this holiday season I am just trying to get back to doing a little bit of something each day that gets my body moving and my heart rate up a bit. That way once I reach the new year if I want to kick it back up and get into a little bit more of a steady workout routine it is not such a shock to my system.

If you have any other fun activities that you do to keep yourself moving that don’t require a lot of space or time I would love to hear about them!!!

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