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Zoo Fun

We are now into July which is crazy! Where has the time gone this year? This past weekend we decided to take a little bit of a family trip and go to the zoo. Since Ray is older we thought he would really enjoy it. We decided to go to the Cincinnati Zoo since I have some family that live there. They have been to the zoo before so it was nice going with some people that knew where they were going. I definitely recommend getting to the zoo as early as possible to get tickets and get into seeing things. We got there right when they opened and had a little bit of time before tons of people were flooding the place. The zoo is really nice but somewhat expensive. It also started to get really warm really fast so some of the animals were not out due to the heat. We think that Ray would enjoy going to an aquarium more at this age than the zoo.

One part that was really cool was watching a little show that they had with some cheetahs. The show was about a half hour long and we got to see some different kinds of cat type animals do some tricks and the cheetahs got to run and chase a toy at the end so we could see how fast they were. Ray loved this. He was definitely that kid that was so excited to see the stuff he couldn’t stop himself from cheering the entire time!

We also got the passes that allowed us to ride the train that goes around the inner loop of the park. Ray loved seeing the train and was super excited to ride on it. Plus it kind of gave us a little bit of a break and we got to sit for a couple minutes with him in the shade. I will say to try and get to the train early since the line was pretty long when we wanted to go. It wasn’t too bad though.

Some things that I would recommend if you are to ever go to a zoo with kids would be:

– Check their policy about bringing in outside food and drinks. This one allowed anything so I should have packed some sandwiches and food other than just little snack packs of chips and stuff. This would have helped cut down on the cost of needing to buy food when we were there. I would also recommend bringing some kind of little cooler with drinks for the family. (We only brought in Rays water)

– Look into what animals you would want to really see first and go to those areas as soon as you can. A lot of times there were so many people that would just hang out at certain cages where the animals were close that we had a hard time getting close enough for Ray to see them.

– Forget bringing your big stroller with the extra storage. If we would have known we would have just brought our small travel stroller. In order to get close enough to see some of the animals we were taking Ray in and out of the stroller all day. We also had to park the stroller a couple times like when we went to see the cheetah show and when we went on the train. It was just too big and would have been easier with the smaller one.

– Try to go in the spring or in the fall. Going to the zoo in the summer is ok but it gets so hot so fast. There are also a lot more families there since kids are out of school and people are going on vacations. We were only there for about four hours and that was long enough to be in the heat that we were in.

Other than that we had a fun time seeing the animals that we did and it was a fun little family vacation/ get away. Ray had a good time and I can’t wait to plan another little trip that we can go on soon to see something else!

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